WP Engine Review 2021: WAIT! Read This Secret Before Buying

WP Engine Review 2021: WP Engine is one of the most well-managed WordPress hosting options available for webmasters who wish to have a more hands-off approach to the management of their websites.

With an excellent uptime, a highly-performance hosting environment and real-time threat identification and a host of premium options, WP Engine is the most reliable WordPress hosting solution to manage hosting.

WP Engine Compared to The Best Web Hosting for WordPress

WordPress website hosting is a dime dozen however, WP Engine has been criticized for being one of the more expensive of them all. If you are a believer”time’s money like we do, it’s possible to justify WP Engine’s expensive plans.

Are you looking to make every dollar count or gain the greatest worth for each cent you pay? If you’re focused on quality over finding a bargain alternative, WP Engine is your best option.

It’s among the top managed WordPress hosting services, there’s no doubt about it. efficiently managing the three horses of the internet apocalypse Internet security, downtime and page loading speed.

We also looked at six additional candidates for the top web hosting service for WordPress. Each of them are great in particular categories. Make sure you check out all our top picks before you sign up to WP Engine and get guidance for selecting the best option.

Who is WP Engine Best For?

WP Engine is a managed hosting service, and those who prefer an approach that is not involving in web hosting immediately think of. If you have an unimportant blog or website with just a few thousand users every monthly, you can find less expensive alternatives that perform like WP Engine.

If, on the contrary are fascinated by web hosting’s technical aspects but don’t wish to tackle the technical aspects then WP Engine is the right choice for you. If things like site performance security, security, backup Cloud platform versatility, migration and optimization keep you awake all midnight, WP Engine could very could be the perfect partner for your dreams.

Due to its rather high (but justifiable) cost We suggest this website host especially for:

  • Large to medium-sized publishing
  • WordPress websites that are based primarily on sales via the internet
  • Fast-growing startups
  • Professional web designers and developers.

Professional WordPress developers The managed hosting service lets you create websites from scratch or modify an existing website. Developers can build the site, launch it, and then transfer the website through the WP Engine staging environment.

WP Engine does only one aspect, and that’s providing managed hosting services for WordPress websites. It isn’t necessary to choose between dedicated servers or shared servers or shared servers, etc. If you’re looking to take an uninvolved approach to website hosting and server administration for a medium to traffic-intensive website, it’s difficult to come up with an alternative to WP Engine.

WP Engine Review 2021: The Pros and Cons

WP Engine focuses on managed WordPress hosting which is a model of business that has allowed the business to provide unparalleled services in a variety of ways. With access to a variety of e-commerce tools as well as email marketing tools 35plus Studio Press themes, and numerous WordPress plugins, it’s simple to grow your online business or online presence.

WP Engine has a customer satisfaction rate of 97% and it’s clear the reason. The company values customer feedback and utilizes an in-house development team that is able to implement changes suggested by customers as well as new features. In the end you can anticipate your experience using WP Engine to improve over the years.

The downside is that WP Engine can have the steepest learning curve. This host has a target audience with at the very least some experience in technical matters.

For less tech-savvy clients, the web hosting company provides a vast self-help center. There, you will find clear steps-by-step instructions, complete with images as well as FAQ’s, comprehensive content, and other resources to help ease your learning curve.

WP Engine's support guides and help center for WP Engine Review

Additionally, WP Engine has multiple data centers across the globe to deliver content to your customers depending on where they are. This feature assists in reducing the burden on your server, making a huge difference in peak times or sudden traffic increases. These data centers are situated in:

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • Taiwan
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany


Extremely Fast Load Speed If speedy loading of websites is your top priority, WP Engine does well in this respect. The host’s combination of the custom NGINX extension as well as the integrated content Delivery Network (CDN), and SSD technology will ensure that your website pages load swiftly. NGINX extension prioritizes human-based requests over robot-based requests and provides load balancing, offering your visitors a more enjoyable experience. In addition, CDN delivers site content to your users according to their location. This helps increase the speed of your site and cut down on the amount of latency. The ability is absolutely free when you sign up for every WP Engine plans.

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high performance: The HTML0 platform is unable to match the speed and performance of WP Engine and that’s why users continue to pay premium prices to use this feature. WP Engine guarantees 99.95% uptime for servers, which is approximately four and a half hours of downtime per year. You can also boost your uptime up to 99.99 percent with an enhanced SLA that translates into just under 1 hour in downtime each year. WP Engine will compensate you with hosting credits in the event that your uptime is below the guarantee.

Advanced Security WordPress Engine tracks all traffic coming to your website, and it automatically blocks and detects potential threats. In addition, the hosting service continuously patches and updates your WordPress core to prevent any vulnerabilities that could be present. In the worst case scenario, WP Engine automatically backups your website each day and offers a one-click restoration option to get your site up and running in a short time. Finally, this hosting service protects your website against JavaScript/SQL-injection attacks, brute force attempts, and DDoS attacks.

Fantastic Customer Support: This hosting provider offers an open and transparent ticketing system that allows you to get contact with customer support via chat. Support staff has an impressive knowledge base and can assist you with issues quickly. The support team is available 24/7 for all plans, except Growth Plan. Growth Plan, in addition to live chat support 24/7 for all plans.

A useful staging environment: The staging environment allows you to copy your site’s live version, and make modifications or try out new plugins and themes. Whatever you do within the staging area won’t impact the live version of your site. This allows developers to develop websites without interfering with the functionality of the live website or the user experience.

Transferable Installs This feature is also targeted at the developers in this area, this option lets you to create a website with the account you have created with your WP Engine account. It isn’t necessary to wait for the client to link your site on their WordPress website. After you’ve completed the process, you can transfer your site directly to your client, or even host it through WP Engine. This feature is useful for those who regularly create websites for clients.


WordPress Only Hosting If you’re using a different content management system other than WordPress and WP Engine, then you’re completely out of the loop. WP Engine only works with WordPress. From a business standpoint it is reasonable to concentrate on one market and provide exceptional services within that market. But, this approach shuts out many potential customers who could benefit from the services offered by WP Engine.

No domains or email HostingIf it’s your preference to host an email address as well as register your domain on your site host, you’ll have to find a different option. You’ll have to utilize third-party services to register domains and email account accounts.

Flexible Prices:WP Engine runs a very tight ship, which is apparent in the pricing structure. The price will be lowered if you are over-extending your plan’s limit for visitors. This may not be an issue if you’ve got steady traffic, and you’re able to always change your plan as your website expands. However, major surges in traffic in the course of events or when you have a seasons can lead to significant overage fees.

WP Engine Pricing

WP Engine pricing page for WP Engine Review

There’s no other method to describe it The WP Engine is costly. Do you think it is worth the expense? Answers to this question are in understanding what you’re paying for.

You can find shared hosting that can handle the exact volume in traffic WP Engine for a fraction of the cost. You can also obtain dedicated hosting at the same amount that you pay for WP Engine. What you’re getting is security, speed, efficiency, and most important security. The most important thing to consider is what these items will be worth to you.

With that in mind let’s look at the pricing plans offered by WP Engine.


It is the Startup plan is our simplest plan that will cost you about $25 per month, if you pay annually ($30 when you pay month-to month). This package will receive:

  • 25,000 visits per month
  • 50GB bandwidth per month
  • 10GB of storage
  • One site was included

WP Engine targets small websites and blogs through this plan, however we believe it could be excessive for the majority of users in this group. It is possible to get a cheaper price with shared hosting with Bluehost.

But, if you’re not willing to gamble with uptime or require a guarantee that your site can handle 25,000 visits per month, WP Engine is a guaranteed choice. We’d suggest this to small-sized businesses or affiliate websites as well as websites that are earning a lot of money and who want to be sure that there will be no changes.

You can save $65 annually or 2 months for free when you pay each year.


The Professional package is a great middle in between entry-level and high-octane. At $49 per month when paying annually, you’ll get:

  • 75,000 visits per month
  • 125 GB bandwidth per month
  • 15GB of storage
  • Three sites were included

This is a great alternative if you’re not happy with your current hosting provider, but your site is getting way too much traffic with the least basic web hosting plan.

Additionally, you get a good deal when compared to plans below and above it. Although the limits on its resources may not be a big deal but you’ll get the best amount of value for money on the Professional plan by WP Engine.

You could save $120 per year if you pay each year and your monthly bill will cost you just $59.


The plan for growth targets rapidly growing businesses , and it will cost $95.95 per year. Here you get:

  • 100,000 visits per month
  • 200GB bandwidth per month
  • 25GB of storage
  • Ten sites were included in the while

This plan is an excellent start point for growing company It could be for a while before you are required to upgrade. In this package, you receive 24/7 support via phone as well as 24/7 chat support. This will be handy when you encounter an issue that’s complex that needs to be resolved quickly.

You can save $230 or even two months of free by paying an annual fee.

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WP Engine advertises its scale plan as the most choice for value. The plan cost $241/month. Here you get:

  • 400,000 visits per month
  • 500GB bandwidth per month
  • 50GB of storage
  • 30 websites are included

We recommend this service to start a blog that is growing quickly or business. You have access to 24 hours live chat and 24 hour telephone support, in addition to an online support service.

You can get $580 off or two months for free when you sign up for the annual pre-paid billing.


In addition, if you’ve got an important website or a large company then the Custom plan could be an appealing option. This plan lets you will receive:

  • Millions of visitors per month
  • 400GB+ bandwidth per month
  • 100GB-1TB of storage
  • 30 sites are included

You’ll need to talk with a sales representative for a customized estimate based on your specific needs. The plan also comes with exclusive assistance should something go wrong.

WP Engine Product Offerings

WP Engine breaks down its product offerings to four types:

  • Creative Agility (Site Building & Management)
  • Ecosystem Integration (Open Source Flexibility)
  • Enterprise Performance (Site Speed, Scale & Security)
  • Actionable Intelligence (Site Analytics)

WP Engine Local Development

WP Engine offers a full-featured local environment that gives developers greater flexibility and freedom. You can still access the most popular debugging tools which include Xdebug as well as WP-CLI and MailHog.

The single-click WordPress installation lets you start creating your personal WordPress website immediately. It is also possible to work within the environment you prefer, which includes MySQL as well as Hot-Swap PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.3.

WP Engine Auto Migration

WordPress plugin menu for WP Engine Review

Thankfully, you don’t require any technical expertise to transfer your current website to WP Engine. Hosting services offer an easy-to-use WP migration plugin that can migrate your website on your behalf and includes the import of your database and replacement of the domain’s value.

WP Engine Environments

WP Engine offers three environments which include Development as well as Staging and Production. Access to all three environments is included with your subscription without additional cost.

The staging and development environments let you make modifications or changes without impacting your live website. When you create a copy of your current website you can look for errors and bugs without losing functionality. It is not necessary to switch into Maintenance mode in order to perform adjustments.

WP Engine Automated Backups

WP Engine backup management for WP Engine Review

In addition to the developer-friendly features, WP Engine automatically backs your website every day to safeguard your data. It is also possible to backup your website by hand. There are 40 backup points as well as up to 60 current backup points when you call support.

The process of rolling back your site’s previous version is as simple as selecting a backup location and then clicking Restore.

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WP Engine CDN and SSL Certificates

You can access for free the worldwide Content Delivery Network (CDN) by simply pressing an icon. This means you can distribute massive static assets such as images across multiple servers across the globe. Your users enjoy faster download speeds, even during peak traffic. CDN is included in every WP Engine plans.

Furthermore, you will receive the benefit of a no-cost SSL certificate that adds an additional layer of security to your website.

WP Engine Proprietary EverCache(r)

With EverCache You don’t have to be concerned about the effects of an increase in traffic on your site’s speed. The feature is able to automatically cache static content on your website. Furthermore, the system examines the traffic coming in and decides which to allow and which to block.

EverCache is an integrated caching system you can modify to suit your own caching requirements.

WP Engine Managed Core Updates & Patches

The most appealing feature to managed Web Hosting is the hands-off approach to managing your site. WP Engine automatically adds new options and functions to the WordPress core in order to enhance the functionality of your website. The host also automates updates for Security and Maintenance releases.

WP Engine rigorously tests all WordPress updates. You also can choose to delay certain updates.

WP Engine Threat Detection & Blocking

One of WP Engine’s most impressive features is its unique method of security. The host records every attempt to write to disk and quickly detect malicious and harmless code. Additional security features include blocking plugins (those that are known to have security vulnerabilities) as well as a custom firewall which can detect and block malicious trafficand then blocks requests to search for information about author IDs.

WP Engine Page Performance

WP Engine page performance test for WP Engine Review

WP Engine allows you to analyze your site’s performance directly on the dashboard. It gives you access to the performance and speed statistics for all your websites including historic data. You can monitor your website’s performance as time passes. It’s not always easy to assess the effect of new features on your site or plugins. WP Engine makes it possible to monitor performance as well as the effects of the changes in real time.

WP Engine WordPress Plugins

When you install WP Engine, you get access to over five thousand WordPress plugins, which include popular options like the Yoast SEO plugin and the Classic Editor. Its WordPress Plugin Directory gives you access to the biggest collection of no-cost WordPress plugins.

WP Engine 24/7/365 Support

WP Engine support for WP Engine Review

Websites can be prone to all types of emergencies as well. WP Engine offers round-the-clock support. Live chat support’s average response time is three minutes. Support can be reached by live chat as well as a phone call. The host also provides numerous tools to help you resolve issues by yourself.

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The Best Web Hosting For WordPress

WP Engine is just one of the many great web hosting services that work with WordPress. Take a look at our top choices for more choices and assistance selecting the best web hosting provider for your needs.

  1. Bluehost The most reliable WordPress hosting service for brand new websites
  2. WP Engine- The most effective for managing WordPress hosting
  3. Hostinger is the best choice hosting service for a low cost WordPress hosting
  4. SiteGround provides the best support for low-cost WordPress hosting
  5. DreamHost The cheapest day one expense on hosting services for WP.
  6. Nexcess is the best choice option for affordable WP hosting
  7. A2 Hosting is the best choice solution to transfer an existing site to a better hosting provider like WP

The most common complaint in the comments of WP Engine detractors is its expensive price. There aren’t many people who have concerns about the host’s products. If you’re operating a modest blog or website it is likely that you don’t require the majority of WP Engine features and functionality.

If, however, you have a large or medium-sized site that has tens of thousands of monthly visits and expanding rapidly, you might think about WP Engine. This hosting service lets you concentrate on the business you are most passionate about and gives you the assurance that your website is up and running and secure, as well as fast and ranked on Google.

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