Upleap Reviews 2021: SCAM? Don’t Buy Yet, Read This Review..

Upleap Reviews 2021

Are you looking for an unbiased Upleap reviews 2021? Here’s a comprehensive review of Upleap that focuses on the strengths as well as the drawbacks of Upleap.

Instagram’s growth platforms such as Upleap are among the most widely used platforms to increase the number of Instagram followers.

You’ve probably been aware of it, but you might not know much about Upleap and its methods of operation, or its pricing structure. It is possible that you are scared it’s a scam and isn’t effective in increasing Instagram followers, which is why you’re here.

Be relaxed because, In this piece, I’ll expose you to the entire specifics of Upleap beginning with how it operates to the method of operation so that you’ll have a complete understanding of Upleap before purchasing their services.

What is Upleap?


Upleap is an app that gives Instagram growth services via the method of engagement as well as marketing on social media (Instagram).

Upleap does not fall into the bot-related categories which use bots to increase followers on your Instagram followers. However, Upleap utilizes real engagement and marketing on social media (Instagram) to create your follower’s list.

Upleap is an Indonesian company that aims to assist you in growing genuine and organic Instagram followers who could be potential customers with a genuine curiosity about your field. The company is managed by the co-founder Emily Trevino.

Upleap doesn’t provide you with a social network that allows you to purchase followers or offers you a platform on which you pay a specific amount of dollars and you expect to receive a comparable amount of followers.

They also help you grow your Instagram followers by encouraging engagement and marketing on social media (Instagram).


It was once a manual service that relies on humans to increase Instagram fans, Upleap has now turned into one of the companies that offer followers that are bots.

On their new website is an application form where you can enter your Instagram username. It will take you to a page where you can choose the number of followers you would like to purchase.

The most troubling thing is the fact that they claim to provide followers with their services within 3 days. This is what makes me nervous about giving Upleap’s new service a try.

We Recommend Using Kicksta

What is the process behind Upleap function?

Upleap features review

Contrary to other Instagram bots, Upleap offers you a social media manager who is responsible for managing the management of your Instagram profile for the duration you have paid for.

The most effective way to explain the way that Upleap functions are to describe it as an unofficial method of increasing the number of your Instagram followers.

After successful registration and filling in the required information, you’ll have the choice of which Instagram manager you prefer.

The manager will be responsible for boosting the number of your Instagram followers. He will take advantage of engagement by following, liking, and commenting on relevant accounts.

The objective is to make your account noticed and closely followed by these relevant Instagram accounts.

He also makes use of the social media channels as well as direct DM(s) following the price of the package and the length of time you’ll require their services.

For the Instagram Account Manager to provide you with the result, you desire you must be extremely careful and precise in the data you are to provide him with.

This is because any incorrect information can lead him to a different path to guide his development, and you’ll have actual human followers, however, they’re not relevant to you.


Upleap Features

The first step in understanding the platform is to begin by understanding the various capabilities that a platform offers.

The features are the most noticeable features that surround platforms. Upleap is notable for five features, and I’ll examine them individually starting with the stories view feature.

Story View Features

Upleap uses storytelling to raise awareness and build curiosity.

The Upleap search engine searches for Instagram accounts that are within the specified area or related account as well as the top account that has connections with your specific niche. Then, look through all posts and statuses.

The goal is to make these accounts follow you and to start following you since you have the same interests or you share the same interests.

The Follow and Unfollow Features

The practice of following and unfollowing is an effective strategy for being noticed.

The Upleap search engine searches for relevant accounts, and those with the same interest as your area of expertise and then follow the account. As a result, these accounts will end eventually, you can follow the account back.

Upleap also does a search for your account that you’re already following, but isn’t relevant to your area of expertise, then remove them from your list because they could be genuine human followers but have no significance to you.

The Like The Like

A great way is to communicate with someone

” hey there, I love what you’ve written and I’m a fan of your interests. Please like and follow me as well…

It’s to follow the content posted by the person is to follow them regularly and you’ll be noticed and is to be followed.

Upleap also adheres to these rules. They look for relevant accounts with posts that relate to your topic and then follow them by liking almost every post of the accounts they have.

The objective is to have the accounts be alerted to the fact that you’re present. The accounts will be able to follow the account.

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The Targeting Feature

This is a specific growth strategy provided by Upleap which is employed to generate engagement with certain accounts.

The accounts on which the engagement has been made and, as a result, are expected to follow your Instagram account, and also follow it. Instagram account.

Upleap utilizes the following for focusing

  • The information was passed
  • The exact location of the location is specified.
  • The gender and the age group are specified.
  • The niche you operate in
  • The length of time you’ll be with them for

This is to allow Upleap to bring you, real followers, with lots of things to do with your particular niche.

Upleap Account Managers

This is one aspect that sets Upleap apart.

Upleap has a network of reputable and qualified account managers who are experts in marketing via social media (Instagram) and creators of engagement.

You can choose between choosing an account manager, and giving him a briefing on the kind of followers you would like to have.

They are humans and they can analyze accounts that are interested in your area and ask accounts that aren’t interested to determine whether they are displaying an interest in your field or missed your niche due to a mistake.

To achieve the highest quality results for the best results, you must feed them with full and precise details.

Prices for Upleaps – How Much Is It?

Upleap Pricing PlanUpleap is a three-tiered plan that includes pricing plans: Lite Standard and Premium.

You can choose from selecting any plan based on your financial capability and the motive for choosing a plan from Upleap.

Before making a decision, after sign-up for Upleap, you’re provided with a trial period in which you have the opportunity to try their service. After the trial period, if you can enjoy their service, then you can decide to go for the paid plan.

I highly doubt that you’ll ever be unhappy with their service since when you sign up using an Instagram account, you instantly begin to notice growth and changes.

The cost categories are divided between monthly and yearly. The yearly plan will save you 40 percent of the monthly plan that is put together for one year.

Categories Monthly Yearly

Lite $30 $349

Standard $69 $579

Premium $99 $709

The standard and lite plans are ideal for those who wish to grow the number of Instagram followers for personal reasons or your business is just getting started.

The premium price plan is ideal for you if your company is established and you wish to increase the reach and earn more.


Upleap Pros What I love about Upleap

Upleap offers a few unique features that piqued my interest and make it stand out from other third-party methods of increasing Instagram followers.

The pros mentioned above can be described as the advantages of Upleap. Upleap and these are:

1: Upleap offers real reviews from humans about their service unlike other platforms where reviews are created, one of Upleap comes from real people who have used their services previously.

The reviews will make it easier for you to correctly define their service as excellent or not. But I’m sure you won’t find yourself defining their service as poor after reading the reviews.

The majority of reviews are positive.

#2) Upleap has real and reliable accounts managers: Upleap is amongst the best platforms that have real-time human account managers who are dedicated to their work.

The account managers are reliable in that they do not have any motive to swindle your account.

They are also experts in social media engagement and marketing.

3.) Upleap has a well-detailed FAQ on Customer Support: Upleap may not offer live chats as customer support, however, they do have a lengthy query and response to every issue you could encounter when while using their products.

If you are faced with a problem, it is recommended to first go to the FAQ, and read the query and its answer.

If none this is a good fit If none of this is the case, you have an option of sending them an request that is attached to the issue that you’re experiencing and waiting for your response.

#4) Upleap offers you a 100% payment method: You aren’t required to worry about money stealing.

5) You can avail of a three-day trial for free There are a few third-party methods of increasing Instagram followers that will give you an opportunity to trial for three days.

The purpose of the test can be for you to utilize their service and learn how their followers are growing.

The trial of three days allows you to learn about the way they work, so you could decide to stay when you feel their services are useful for yourself or your company.

#6) Upleap is simple to utilize: From the landing page to the login screen and creating an account, it’s extremely simple and you may not require a professional to assist you in how to accomplish it.

#7) Cost-effective compared to its competitors: Upleap charges 30 dollars per month. It’s a reasonable price and isn’t expensive when we look to contrast it with its competitors. For instance, the closest rival, Kicksta, starts at $49 per month.

Upleap Cons• Shortcomings in Upleap

Like every other software available, Upleap isn’t without its weaknesses.

Apart from the positive aspects of Upleap, it has some flaws that need to be mentioned.

The most effective way to categorize cons is to think of it as a risk you could face while using their services.

This is a problem that can be overlooked but.

1) The growth of your followers will not be as steady as anticipated: It’s a human expanding your Instagram followers, and he could encounter certain issues that require him to stop and reflect on the situation. During this time when he stopped and analyzed, you could see some slowing that your Instagram followers’ growth.

This shouldn’t be an act of deceit since the manager will do this in your own best interests. You must be aware of the possible outcomes in certain instances.

#2) The maximum growth in Instagram followers can be achieved when you purchase the Premium package plan.

This could be a negative or benefit based on your perspective. Like all other Instagram growth services They offer basic and premium plans.

When you sign up for one of their plans that is premium, you will get access to many more advantages. Kicksta also offers the same service. Why not Upleap?

As a consumer and a consumer, we all want to have the top at the lowest plan. We’d like a system that has one plan with a paid option that can be affordable and doesn’t have any limitations.

In actuality, this isn’t the situation for the majority of tools, such as in Upleap.

Upleap’s plan gives you the possibility to reach your audience based on age, sex, interests and past posts, views, and more.

If you choose the premium plan you will have access to greater organic growth as well as high-quality assistance from the team. This is the reason why I suggest that you sign up for the Standard plan for those who want to grow faster.

Alternatives to Upleap

Let’s look at how Upleap compares to other apps. This will help you determine whether Upleap is worth the money and what other alternatives that you could use if you aren’t keen on Upleap.

First, let’s look at:


Kicksta is the most similar alternatives to Upleap. It is always compared to Upleap. I’ve compared both in this article: Upleap vs Kicksta.

We’ll go over the differences here.

For starters, Kicksta is an Instagram growth tool, similar to Upleap. It assists you in growing your Instagram followers and engaging with your followers.

The primary difference between the two tools is their approach to producing results. In contrast to Upleap, Kicksta is an automated tool that makes use of technology to increase followers on Instagram. Instagram followers.

However, they don’t offer fake followers as Upleap does currently. On the other hand, Kicksta is a legitimate firm that is renowned for offering real-life followers who can engage with your company and make purchases from your company.

Another aspect to take into consideration is price. As I said earlier, Kicksta is more expensive. The cost starts at $49 for a month.

While it is costlier it is, you are sure of the value you’re getting from Kicksta when compared to Upleap that has changed its method of operation and is operated through ghost founders.

Read a comprehensive analysis about Kicksta here before deciding to purchase the service. We do recommend it to use it at all times.


Nitreo is an additional Upleap alternative that is worth mentioning. It’s like Kicksta in the way they use to increase the number of Instagram accounts.

This means that Nitreo is also automated. This makes use of automation to expand Instagram accounts. There’s no individual account manager to manage this service.

Like Kicksta It also offers excellent services that are worth mentioning. The cost starts at $39 per month, which is the lowest cost platform.

The most appealing aspect is that it offers a human account manager.

Read a full analysis on Nitreo Here before you decide to purchase it.

Upleap Reviews 2021- What Other Users Are Saying

I looked into what some other Upleap customers have to say on Upleap which I read was fascinating.

In the beginning, I’d suggest that Upleap contains a mix of both negative and positive reviews. There are many more reviews that are positive in comparison to negative ones.

In addition, if a website has a 100% positive review I’ll be skeptical about it.

Here are some of the reviews I gathered from Trust Pilot:

Upleap reviews

Be aware of the number of reviews that the user has posted for various tools. In the previous example, it is evident that the user has left approximately 25 reviews. This means you can trust him.

Here are some more positive reviews:

Upleap reviews on trustpilot

Upleap reviews

Upleap positive reviews

Let’s now get to the negative and bad reviews:

It is interesting to note that this is not the first review written by this user?

The essence of the issue is that most negative reviews were left by users who haven’t posted a review previously. Therefore, I am a bit skeptical of those reviews that are negative.

Here are a few more:

Upleap review


If you examine the reviews closely you’ll observe a pattern that every user who read reviews on Upleap has not previously reviewed any other product. This could indicate a hint of defamation for the negative reviews.

In the end, Upleap seems to be performing well with regards to the number of reviews and comments from users.

Final Concluding Is Upleap Secure?


Although we were fans of Upleap in the past we do not recommend the platform to companies and individuals who want to increase their Instagram followers.

The reason is that Upleap discontinued offering an account manager, and instead offers bots to customers on its website.

This complete shift in the method of operation occurred very recently. I’m not shocked by this change, since we don’t know who’s responsible for the software.

There’s not a single page on the About page about the individuals who run Upleap. It’s an unreliable manner, and it is possible that anything can occur.

That’s why we would not advise giving your personal information to Upleap because you won’t be in a position to hold anyone accountable.

So, what advice do we have?

We’re 100% with Kicksta.

Kicksta has a well-known team and is a well-known firm in the business. The company’s founders are well-known in the field of marketing and are transparent about their business practices.

Start by registering for a free trial and claim a Discount

Kicksta has coupons available for you to save an amount.

Utilize this:

Discount Coupon To Begin Using Upleap.

Now it’s your turn

Are you still trying on Upleap? Or do you get involved with Kicksta?

Check Kicksta Review Here

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