Money Robot Reviews 2021: Is Money Robots Legit Or Scam?

money robots reviews

In this post, I’ll discuss money robot reviews 2021 case study. This case study is an ongoing process, I’ve already started the testing and received the outcomes, which are thrilling to watch!

You may be wondering what exactly is the test, therefore I’ll go over all of the elements.

But, before I speak about my experiences with the use of Money Robot, alongside the exam and case study Let’s ensure everyone knows the specifics of this application.

What exactly is Money Robot?

Money Robot is an SEO software that is compatible with PCs, however, I use it on my mac as I am using a VPS service and this is the one I would recommend CAVPSHostsince they are the best value for money and offers on more than one VPS. ‘… that I use. $11 a month for a server with 3GB of RAM and 40GB of HDD with 9TB data bandwidth… It is possible to could get them for just six dollars per month. is a price I could not find elsewhere.

In the end, Money Robot is primarily utilized to build interconnected web 2.0 backlinks that link to your money site.

After conducting my due diligence and testing the program firsthand (I am running it on 4 computers currently) it’s obvious that it has links to undiscovered web 2.0s that aren’t those on your Tumblrs, Weebly, or other popular sites.

It is the Private Blog Network that the software’s owner (Nick) has developed and that software permits users to set up subdomains for the site and in essence, build your private internet 2.0s on it.

Don’t let anyone else convince you otherwise. These are PBNs. You should be aware of this when you buy the software.

But, you might be wondering, why do I need to use it? The answer is that I’m aware of how to make use of the software safely and will explain more about this as well as present how I performed my MR tests for link building.

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My story of how I came to my conclusion with Money Robot

I’ve used Money Robot for over 1 year, and I’m using it in my company for advertising.

My method is to always use the software to complement my other methods for building links, which mainly comprise of the following:


  • Web 2.0 hyperlinks (which I receive from SEOClerks)
  • Blog posts by guests (which I receive from this site (which I receive from FAT JOE)
  • Links to Infographics (which I find from this site through FAT JOE)

It should be noted that I do not use money robots to connect straight to my principal site which is also known as your money website.

This is a risky strategy as it will need a member of Google’s spam team to punish any website that is connected to [[].

This is the reason I always employ an intermediary bridge website or page that is designed to protect me from penalty penalties, whether algorithmic or manually imposed.

The intermediary site is typically an internet 2.0 such as Tumblr, Weebly, etc I also place my information on these sites that then link to my main site.

Here’s a diagram to be able to


These well-known websites are famous for having SEO metrics that are high such as Domain Authority, Page Authority as well as Trust Flow, making them the ideal choice for passing links capital (power) on to or from these a bit shady web 2.0 websites which Money Robot created.


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This is the process I like to call “Link Equity Funneling’.

If the worst happens and I’m beginning to notice how my web 2.0 links are becoming “toxic,” I can simply cut off the link from my main website.

As seen in the following:

You might be asking how do you know if hyperlinks are becoming toxic and I recommend using tools like SEO Spyglass to detect websites with high toxicity risk.

Okay, let’s discuss more my test results so far with Money Robot out in the real world!

Cash Robot Testing Performance Results (Using to power intermediary web 2.0s)

Test to determine whether Money Robot links are effective in helping to overcome link equity and therefore positively affecting rankings.

Hypothesis: Money Robot backlinks can transfer link equity and can help websites get better rankings in organic search or not.

Results Continue reading

Let’s Try!

So, as I’ve said I’ve used MR over the past year to power web 2.0s that connect to my site.

It is the principal link-building strategy.

It’s still working well as a low-cost method of ranking a site… However, it is more time-consuming than other more expensive methods, such as building a lot of guest blog links.

However, I’ve seen excellent results from this method, as you can see in the below screenshots:

But I was keen to try MR more thoroughly and to see the benefits of linking directly to a site using the tool.

I was not going to make use of my site as well as any other website, because I wouldn’t want to place links on a different website without permission.

But I had the ideal URL in my head to conduct my study…

Two years ago, I wrote an article for Medium and it’s not had any changes to its content since the time I posted the article… To not mention that it doesn’t receive lots of visitors.

What makes this so perfect? and I’m trying to separate the factor as best I can and then measure only whether MR helps to rank it higher.

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The Money Robot Case Study Linking directly

To facilitate the experiment, I’m not going to divulge the actual URL, since as you may already know, direct traffic, as well as search traffic (and consequently, time spent on the site), are factors that affect ranking, which will impact the outcome.

As I’m trying to study this single variable, I’ll record the outcomes.


It is precisely how I’ve created for the tests:

  • Choose the 3 URLs you want to forward hyperlinks for (Main medium profile and two posts)
  • Make campaigns based on past success (deemed in the context of a multivariable rank environment)
  • Results of measurement

Domain Data (Ahrefs) 8th May 2020

Important aspects to consider

  • The prefix means that all URLs on this site contain close to zero current backlinks (1 in all)
  • Search engine ranking for 128 keywords in all
  • About 77 organic visitors per month

Campaign Setting-up (Money Robot) 8th May 2020

MR Campaign Setup

You can observe in the date of creation column, the project’s initial start date was May 8th, 2020.

I tried the two distinct SEO diagrams that I’ve previously had great success with. They are:


  • 3 projects from the ‘1 > 3 12+ Social Bookmarks Only Diagram of SEO (Diagram ID 20BAA1O7K) 8th May 2020[8th May 2020]
  • Two projects from the SEO ‘PBN Power’ diagram (Diagram ID 0376A1H2L) – – [8th May, 20208th May 2020
  • 3 projects from the ‘1 >3 12+ Social Bookmarks Only Diagram of SEO (Diagram ID 20BAA1O7K [11th May 2020]
  • Two projects of the SEO ‘PBN Power’ diagram (Diagram ID 0376A1H2L) 11th May 20202 projects of the ‘PBN Power’ SEO diagram (Diagram ID: 0376

To provide a better understanding of how every 1 >3 12 and SB project is comprised of about 1750 links and 20 of them being tier 1 or the ones that connect to your website… The remaining are backlinks that connect to those tier 1 backlinks often referred to as tier 2 or tier 2 links.

The same applies to “PBN Power” with it providing around 1750 links however, around 80 of them are Tier 1 and the remainder are tier 2 and 3.

Here’s a closer understanding of this structure SEO diagrams:

1 3 12 Social Bookmarks are only for social bookmarks

Link indexation for MR backlinks

While the majority of MR users utilize link indexing tools to index MR hyperlinks I haven’t used any tool.

MR links can be difficult to index in the beginning, however, as you observe from the results, even though these links are relatively new, they’re passing on some link equity in just seven days.

But, the full impact of the potential power of hyperlinks will be evident about 20-30 days. With it taking longer to allow link equity to flow through the lower layers upwards to the money site.

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Money Robot Case Study – Results

I am monitoring the site’s principal ranking keywords Accuranker, our ranking tracking software, Accuranker.

The complete results of this study will be made available within 20-30 days, therefore bookmark the link bookmark it, add it to your bookmarks and keep checking back regularly since I’ll be updating it shortly!

16th May Update

Compared to the initial results (8th May) The URLs have risen in rankings by +20.62 per cent overall. This is an amazing ranking boost!

There have been no changes to the content made to the content within two years. MR linking isn’t the sole aspect change.

Money Robot Test Results

Money Robot Ranking Case Study Results

28th May Update

You can see that the rankings fluctuated over the past week which is not surprising.

It’s known as the ‘Google Dance it occurs whenever hyperlinks are made, this is also called the rank transition feature.

The function of rank transition can be confusing in indicating the impact of rank

After a couple of weeks, it will cease and the site will continue to rank at its current position.

The rankings have nevertheless experienced an overall rise of 22.68 per cent when compared to the initial rankings.

Furthermore, Share Of Voice has experienced an increase of 600% rise that means that keywords appearing on page 1 have risen in ranking.

Money Robot Ranking Case Study Results

Money Robot Ranking Case Study Results

Money Robot Reviews 2021 – Is Money Robot Legit?

We’re now nearly three months since the testing of rankings began What do we know about the results?

We can confidently declare that they’re positively disposed of, and significantly so!

Let’s get more specific, will we?

Money Robot August Update

We can observe that when comparing rankings between May 8th, 2020 through 5th August 2020 we’ve witnessed an average ranking increase of 25.77 per cent.

It’s quite extraordinary, for sure in the realization that we’ve not utilized indexing tools like we typically do in MR.

August MoneyRobot SEO Update

If you’re interested to learn more about MR and indexing backlinks, we’ll write an article about this shortly.

If you’re interested in taking an examination of Money Robot SEO, which is a Money Robot SEO software it is possible to check it out here and gain access to a seven-day trial for free.


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