Kicksta Reviews 2021: Is Kicksta Legit Or Scam? Find Out!

Kicksta Reviews 2021: Is Kicksta Legit Or Scam? Find Out!

Are you searching for an in-depth Kicksta reviews 2021? I’ll give you an in-depth review of Kicksta that will be able to solve all of your concerns.

What exactly is Kicksta?

Kicksta review

“Kicksta” is on the list of Instagram tools to grow followers and is one of the most frequently used tools because of its operation as well as the favorable reviews by other Instagram users.

The platform assists the expansion of Instagram followers by making applications in the use of Artificial Intelligence. It uses automated methods to produce real human Instagram followers.

One of the things that distinguish Kicksta from other Instagram growth companies is the fact that it has an owner behind it, and it is transparent regarding its operation.

In contrast to other companies which are run by ghost founders Alex Miller is well-known within the marketing world and is featured in numerous magazines.

According to Alex Alex Alex, using Artificial Intelligence in generating Instagram followers is the way to go since it can only create real-life followers.

This means that Kicksta isn’t an Instagram bot-generated platform, but a real-life organic community of followers.

The platform does not offer an option to pay to purchase Instagram followers. Instead, it uses automated methods of engagement and advertising on social networks to create quality Instagram followers.

It’s a third-party method to manage your Instagram account as well as increase your Instagram followers since you’ll pay for their services, and have them increase your Instagram followers.

What is the process behind Kicksta Work?


Kicksta Reviews | How Does Kicksta Work

Kicksta uses automated methods of engagement to increase your Instagram followers.

After sign-up, filling in the required details, and granting them access to the Instagram account, you’ll be provided with access to your dashboard, where you will find a few tools that you can alter to make it easier and provide more direction to the work of Kicksta with your Instagram account.

This platform is responsible for increasing your Instagram followers through the automated following, liking unfollowing, and viewing status.

Additionally, it allows direct messages to Instagram accounts based on the information you provide.

Kicksta offers an account manager that provides technical assistance to its customers, in addition to their AI.

To achieve the most effective results when using Kicksta You must be precise and exact regarding the information you to the platform.

It utilizes the information you provide and gives you followers who are based solely on the information you provide.


Kicksta Reviews 2021 – Highlights of Kicksta

The features are best described as a brief outline and a glimpse into the Platform.

In reviewing any platform, to provide you with a complete understanding of the platform so you’ll be able to make which platform to choose the right one, features are extremely crucial.

The review in this article will focus on Kicksta features, they will be analyzed in-depth, giving you an in-depth overview of the system.


Kicksta Dashboard | kicksta reddit review

# 1: Sign-up

Contrary to most websites, Instagram (as it was previously known) allows users to sign up in a very simple way to sign up. Registration isn’t difficult It’s simple, easy to follow, and doesn’t need the assistance of a professional.

They use confirmation of email at the time of registration to ensure the security of your account.

In the course of registration, it is also necessary to provide them with the information about your Instagram handle to allow them to immediately begin growing your Instagram followers after you’ve purchased the price plan.

#2 Landing Page

The homepage of Kicksta is an excellent showcase of the testimonies of people who have used their services.

The landing page is comprised of two carousels automated that are constantly changing and moving.

The first carousel shows a listing of specific Instagram accounts already following a specific account. The display is accompanied by an affirmative sign in addition to “.. began following you”

The second one is an example of two distinct results, where the auto-generated one will be marked by a positive sign, while the followers created by humans are marked with a negative sign.

Additional research on the carousel reveals that the human methods of generating traffic weren’t up to par when compared to Kicksta AI means.

#3 Targeting of Audiences

Kicksta audience targeting | Kicksta review

This is a major characteristic of Kicksta. It targets the audience using the “Audience Filtering Technique” “Audience filtering tecKickstahnique”.

In the process of filtering the audience, you have access to certain filters such as spam comments and spammy followers filtering tools.

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Additionally, you have access to the tools that are used for filtering out the age of followers you want along with the gender, and the place of their residence.

In addition, you can access filtering the specific segment of followers you require. Kicksta uses the outcomes of your filter to determine the best place to make it easier to emphasize engagement.

#4 Growth Tracking

A noteworthy feature of Kicksta is the Growth monitoring tool. It lets you track the increase in followers on your Instagram followers.

You can track the growth using the dashboard on their site or monitor local growth by noting any change in followers on the account. Instagram account.

#5 Reselling Opportunity

Are you the manager of an agency, or are you searching for opportunities to set out into the field of digital marketing If so, Kicksta could be a great starting point?

It lets you resell their services, where you can resell their services to people who want to increase the number of Instagram followers without all the work.

You pay Kicksta an amount per hour while you’re able to get the work done by them using the white-labeled document bearing the name of your agency or business. While this service is aimed at agency owners, users do not have to be.

#6: Customer support

Kicksta provides live chat for customer service. It isn’t necessary to be worried when you encounter problems with their support. All you have to do is visit their website and avail of their live chat feature. They will respond and give you directions on what you should do in a matter of minutes.

Kicksta Plans – How much does Kicksta Cost

review of Kicksta | plans and pricing

Kicksta offers two categories of pricing packages according to your financial capabilities and the main purpose of using their services.

The two pricing plans are advanced and creative. Access and price differ for both.

Standard Plan

This package gives you access to only a handful of filters. There are not enough filters available. You’re limited to the filtering tool that is niche and an access point to the Growth tracking tool.

The cost for this package is $50 per month.

Premium Plan

This is the most comprehensive plan you can find. It provides you with full access to applications and the tool available for filtering the audience. The cost for this plan is $149 for a month.

The creative plan is ideal for those who want to increase their Instagram followers for amusement. This plan for creativity is ideal when your company is just beginning.

The plan for the advance is perfect for those whose business has been established and you wish to earn more money.

Before you decide to purchase any package plans the user should be aware of the kind of industry you operate in, the kind of followers you’ll need, and determine whether your business is social media-friendly.

Pros and Cons of Kicksta

Kicksta Pros

Like every other platform, Kicksta has its pros. If you want to learn everything concerning Kicksta Instagram reviews it’s worthwhile to read the advantages Kicksta has to offer.

1. User-Friendliness

Kicksta includes directional buttons as well as declarations that are all over the site.

Their website can be used easily since you won’t have to search for the button, or guideline for the next step you’ll need to follow.

2. Kicksta gives you 14 days of the money-back guarantee.

You can try taking advantage of their services for an entire 14 days. If you are not satisfied with their services, you may opt to return the plan and get your money back.

The 14-day money-back assurance is a means to give you a taste of the platform that you can try and decide if you want to go using their services or stop.

It is not necessary to install any software on your gadget for monitoring and tweaking a few aspects regarding Instagram growth. The tools you’ll require can be found in your dashboard on Kicksta.

3. No long-term contract. It’s a basic principle “pay according to the amount you need to use “.

There is the option of paying only for the month. When the month is over you have the option to use their service by either paying for the following month or abstaining.

4. Kicksta makes use of automated tools

It is not necessary to communicate with anyone or seek advice regarding what you can do. Everything, from engagement to get them to follow and like the account Instagram account is fully automated.

5. The loading speed of the site

Despite the animations, as long as you are connected to the internet and the website loads extremely quickly. It’s updated quickly and without lagging or having issues with load time. Graphics, pictures, and a carousel have been designed to improve loading time.

Kicksta Cons

For every good and benefit, there’s an adverse side, which is known as a scam. This is a risk you’ll need to take using any platform or service.

Kicksta has its pros and cons, even though it could be overlooked however, it’s crucial to be aware of it.

1. Your account may be in danger of being blocked

While Instagram is not a user of bots, but rather automated methods, Instagram might update its policy, and this could impact Kicksta users because its method to gain followers is automated. Additionally, because it utilizes Artificial Intelligence, Instagram can decide to label it an automated bot generator.

Your account could be in danger of being misused since there’s not an individual who manages your accounts for you.

However, to date, it has not received any complaint of being banned for Kicksta. I’d say that it’s secure to use.

2. Because the process of starting an online conversation is automated it may result in a loss of customers of your profile.

Each automated system comes with already defined words to make use of. Every human has his method of the beginning, maintaining, or ending the conversation.

If you don’t react effectively to their messages then they’ll move on. Similarly happens with automated messages.

If their answer is not consistent with the person’s words or the chat, they’ll unfollow you and possibly unfollow your account, if they’ve already been following you.

  1. You will only receive important tools when you purchase the advance plan.

The tool for growth and tools to filter audience members are only available to customers on the plan with advanced features.

Kicksta Competitors – How does it compare with other competitors

It is a well-known tool for increasing Instagram followers. It also competes with a different platform that aids in increasing Instagram followers. The distinction between them is in their method of growing Instagram followers.

Two of the major Kicksta rivals include Stellation Media and Nitreo.

Stellation Media

Stellation Media Review

Stellation Media is one of the fastest-growing services on Instagram growth within the field.

It’s becoming famous for its method of manually expanding Instagram followers. Stellation Media provides an account manager to help you grow your following.

The account managers are specialists in marketing via social media. Stellation is only looking for the Instagram handles of your targeted customers, as well as your competition handles.

This will enable them to evaluate your competition and discover those who are engaging through their material.

Based on this information, account managers will be able to interact with the content of your competitors and follower base to convince them to see your brand, leading to an increase in traffic.

Since it’s a manual procedure, Stellation Media pricing is at the top of the range slightly.

It begins at 99 dollars. The basic plan will aid you in achieving the goals you set for yourself.




Nitreo is a different tool for expanding Instagram followers by making use of combined use of Artificial Intelligence and human manager.

Like Upleap, Kicksta and Nitreo are also third-party methods to increase Instagram followers. The main distinction between Kicksta as well as Nitreo is their mode of operation.

Nitreo utilizes Artificial Intelligence and human managers. Artificial Intelligence searches Instagram databases based on data provided and recommends that the human manager for the account lay engagement and gain followers from.

It’s a bit dangerous because there is no way for altering anything, and there are no tools. The Instagram managers draw the Instagram followers completely based on the advice generated by the machine intelligence.

In Kicksta you will find all the tools needed to adjust and choose the kind of followers you require.

Review of Kicksta on Trustpilot

The best source to find reviews on any platform is Trustpilot. These reviews provide you with the user’s experiences with the platform and can help you make better decisions.

Here is some of kicksta’s Instagram feedback on Trustpilot.

Final Verdict: Is Kicksta worth the cost?

Of course, purchasing any package plan on Kicksta can be worthwhile. Based on the above review, it is evident that Kicksta provides only genuine human users.

The analysis concludes that, in comparison to all of the platforms available which help to increase Instagram followers The Kicksta method of operation is the most effective since it gives you the tools you need for you to modify and pick the type of followers you require.

Click here to begin Kicksta’s free Trial.

This allows Kicksta to give you genuine human followers with an actual curiosity about your field and your business.


FAQs about Kicksta

What is Kicksta? Instagram?

Kicksta offers an Instagram growth tool that can help you increase the number of Instagram followers and create specific followers that will positively affect your revenue and sales.

Is Kicksta secure to make use of?

The Kicksta app is secure to use. Kickst does not provide bot-generated traffic, instead, it gives real followers, which makes it secure to make use of for your company.

Is Kicksta Legit?

Yes, it is. Kicksta is a legitimate platform that you can trust to provide high-quality service.

What is the cost of Kicksta cost?

Kicksta provides two plans: Basic and Premium. The Standard plan is priced at $49 per month, while the Premium plan costs $149. However, you can get an annual discount of $50 when you purchase through this link.

Does Kicksta Does It Work?

Sure, Kicksta does work. When compared with other Instagram growth tools, Kicksta is one of the best, and it’s the tool we suggest to all of our users.

When Will Kicksta Get Started?

When you purchase one or both plans it is necessary to set up targeting to help Kicksta improve your understanding of your target customers. This can be accomplished by using your preferred hashtags along with accounts within your field. Then, Kicksta takes over and begins to work on the issue. While the targeting is easy to establish, should you be unsure how to proceed, Kicksta customer support is always ready to offer customized help in helping you find the ideal market for your company?

How long will the process requirements for Kicksta to start working?

It all depends on your goals. If you’re looking to grow your Instagram following to reach a certain number, for instance, 500 followers, then you must expect to wait a bit longer than businesses that need huge followings such as 100K. There isn’t a set timeframe. Monitoring your analytics can let you know the way you’re doing. However, what you must be aware of is that increasing the number of followers isn’t a magic trick. It’s also a constant process if you intend to make your business a priority.

Will Kicksta get you banned?

This is the fear that many people feel about Instagram service growth. It’s a good thing I understand because the market is rife with fraudulent growth services on Instagram that have led to several accounts being deactivated. However, I can guarantee you that Kicksta isn’t among those that can take down your account suspended. Kicksta doesn’t go against Instagram policy. It has real followers, and not bot followers, which is why most accounts get blocked.

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