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GetResponse Review 2021: WAIT! Read This Secret Before Buying.

GetResponse Review 2021: We’re getting lost in the sea of marketing email and automation tools, which all perform the same function like the other.

One of the names mentioned when discussing software to market your email is GetResponse..

This is one of the instruments that has been around for years yet continues to provide products year-round.

This GetResponse Review, we’ll attempt to break the program into its components and talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the tool.

At the end of the day you will be able to assess whether GetResponse is capable enough to run your business.

What is GetResponse?

 GetResponse has been in existence for many years now. It was founded in 1997, the year SEO Simon Grabowski launched the first autoresponder.

This created the domino effect that began by the registration of within a year of.

Since since then, GetResponse has been expanding its capabilities and expanding its workforce across the globe. It has also received attention from publications such as Website Magazine which awarded GetResponse as the 2nd-best email marketing service in 2011.

However, fast forward to today with more competitive competition that is brimming with bells and whistles, to the delight of its customers How has GetResponse been able to remain on top of the game?

The constant growth of the company and its capability to adapt to time is among the company’s most appealing features. It isn’t content with its achievements, and continues to provide its customers with the most effective email marketing tools to help them expand their businesses.

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GetResponse features – GetResponse Review 2021

Instead of bragging about how great GetResponse can be, better to dig into the dirt and see the tool’s capabilities.

Here are the main characteristics and how each is working together to create a positive impression on your company.

Email marketing

The company’s flagship product remains one of the top in the business.

Sending beautiful emails to your subscribers that they will want to read is easy with GetResponse.

Email creator

02 Predesigned templates

It all begins with selecting from the pre-designed templates.

Instead of designing a layout from scratch, simply select the template you want to make use of for your email marketing campaign. You can test the template first , and then see whether it’s a good match for the style and style you’re hoping for within your emails.

To make the search for the ideal template simpler, only show templates from the category which is most suitable for your needs.

From here, you can click on the blocks or sections you’d like to modify.

Its WYSIWYG editor allows you to modify the content so that your readers can get to see them once you’re finished editing it.

03 WYSIWYG editor

You can also change the look for each block or section by altering its settings. Even if you don’t possess any design expertise changing the color of the block or text size can be simple in just a few clicks.

04 Drag and drop elements

You can move and drag blocks or sections you would like to include in the template in order to further personalize it.

There’s an Ecommerce section within the editor for emails in which you can include the Product box as well as Blocks for Recommended Products. However, you’re able to make use of these features if you have established your store on GetResponse.

If you’d like to use the same design of email on your subsequent campaigns you can save your current email as an example. Then, you can access your customized design from the section for Design and Content (just go to the My Templates tab) for use in the future.

Once you’re finished with the design and have decided who’ll receive the email, it’s time to plan how often the message will go out to them.

You can email it instantly or set a timer for your recipients to view them.

05 Schedule email to recipients

Better yet, you can enable the perfect timing so that subscribers get your email at the ideal moment based on when they have opened emails previously from you.

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Now, let’s suppose you’re planning to create an email or a set of emails that you want to send to a set of subscribers in a timely manner. Because it is impossible to manually send out the emails in a sequential fashion, GetResponse makes this more efficient for you by using its autoresponders feature.


Create your first autoresponder by setting the date at which an email will be sent out to the subscriber to your list.

06 Create autoresponder

For instance, you could make use of autoresponders to welcome new customers by sending them an email welcoming them along with links to your website that they should explore to help them become familiar with your company.

After you’ve established the autoresponder’s timing You can then design the email and then publish it in the same manner as described above.

Although autoresponders are an excellent way to get new subscribers, the feature is more effective when paired with the marketing automation feature which we’ll cover in the near future.

To provide you with an insight, you could make it easier to automate sales as well as increase engagement by making multiple autoresponders available to set up a drip-feed marketing campaign!

Analytics of email

To ensure the success of your email marketing campaign You must be aware of how your recipients were able to open it.

Even if you think that you’d created the best email marketing campaign There’s a good chance that not all your customers have the same opinion.

In any case, you have to be aware of how your campaign performed with your followers to know what went well and/or not do and help to improve the next campaign.

In order to do that, look over the analytics of the campaign to determine the various metrics that affect the overall performance.

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On the dashboard, you’ll get an overview of the response of your subscribers on one of the email marketing campaigns.

07 Overview in your dashboard

It shows how many emails you sent out were delivered to your customers, and the click-through and open rates.

If you dig deeper, you will find more details regarding the campaign, including rates of bounces and unsubscribes and the amount of complaints received.

08 More information about campaign examples

When you take all of these into consideration when you consider all of these, you will have a clear understanding of what caused your campaign a success or miss, and how is possible to do in order to ensure more outcomes.

If you’re interested in analyzing the progress of your subscription the report section will provide this graph-style in addition to other variables (demographic and subscription methods and devices).

09 Analyze growth via graph

Management of lists

When you build a list, you’ll want to find people who are active and active in your brand to sign up. However, you’re able to achieve this if you send them emails to encourage people to join and remain active.

The GetResponse List Management feature helps you accomplish it by first segmenting your list and creating conditions for your subscribers.

For instance, you could group people who registered using an alternative form, and display an individual message on your website (more on this in the future).

10 Save segment

After you’ve created a segment specifically for them, you can design an individual campaign for this segment which they can get from you.

In this way, you can create interactions with your groups more engaging and personal. This will help to improve engagement, even if it’s there aren’t any converts.

Another method to help manage your subscriber lists is by making each subscriber’s subscription conditional.

11 Adding conditions

You can be more specific about those who subscribe to you by segmenting them based on factors like geolocations, contacts, and more.

In this way, you are able to sort subscribers that have meet certain criteria and then create specific email campaigns for each.

Through List Management, you can also provide a profile for every subscriber. Click on each to learn more about them.

12 Profile each subscriber

You can track their recent activities based on the emails you have sent to eachof them. You can also make notes on each, as well as other details that may aid in converting your customers into clients.

In a sense, GetResponse works as a CRM. Utilizing the data you get here will help you create a profile of your subscribers as well as provide context for every one of them.

Transactional emails

If you own an online shop there is more to an email marketing program, apart from simply collecting subscribers and sending out emails.

It is essential to have a tool which will send out emails to customers who didn’t take their shopping carts out and also provide receipts to customers after each transaction.

With GetResponse its Transactional Email feature lets you connect to its API or SMTP to send out transactional emails to clients.

Automating this process allows you to concentrate on the big picture . the tool’s 99 percent delivery rate for emails and its reliable infrastructure will ensure that you’re not taking the responsibilities off that is easily.

You can examine and evaluate the effectiveness of these emails to increase the chances of sales.

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Forms to sign-up

Of course, you cannot send out an email campaign if there aren’t recipients to send it to.

Luckily, GetResponse has got you covered.


The first step is to sign up for the form. It lets you collect the contact details you’ll add to your contact list.

Forms are easy to create. Select from four different ways to design forms, and choose from the many templates divided into categories, so you don’t have to begin with starting from scratch.

13 Create a form

Similar to creating emails, users are able to modify the fields you have already created and layout, as well as create new ones if the necessity arises.

14 Edit existing fields

After you’ve completed the form, you are able to make it available on your website by putting the code on any page. You can also ask your web designer to create this for you, or let GetResponse host it on its servers. In the case of the latter it’s just a matter of having to provide the URL to your target audience.

15 Publish form on website

If you’d like your form to look different it is possible to locate the type you want in the list of Builder Apps.

16 List Builder Apps

Click on the app for the form you’d like to create and edit in the app before publishing it.

17 Click on the app

There are ways to design the form using basic HTML (if you’re confident with your programming abilities) or by integrating or plugins from the most popular websites (WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop and Prestashop. ).

Pages for landing

If you wish to turn visitors into subscribers or customers, then you should consider using web pages for landing instead of forms.

18 Select available templates

You can design one by choosing from the templates available, grouped by categories (promotion download, sale, promotion etc. ).

19 Building a landing page

The process of creating an effective landing page is simple due to its simple to drag and drop builder.

Run an AB test on your page

To test A/B with landing pages click the + symbol at the top of the page. This will allow you to create as many variations as you require.

This is a crucial factor in helping you decide which one is more effective in converting your customers.

After you’ve finished the landing pages, you’ll have to decide which domain you’d like to use for the page. You are able to select from three domains that belong to GetResponse.

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21 Domain to publish landing page

If you own your own website, you should try to create a landing page under your domain name for branding reasons.


If your guidebooks aren’t boosting sales for your company and you’re not getting enough sales, you should go to the next step with webinars.

Presenting online in a way that your audience members can participate to gain more information about a subject is an excellent way to educate people to your services and products.

Being the reason they attended your webinar indicates that they’re curious about the content you’ve got to share as well asoffer. In turn, you can expect to win more customers and clients in only a webinar.

GetResponse is one of the few email marketing tool that comes with integrated webinar features. The reason it is so great is that it is compatible with other features of the platform to enable you to set your webinars much simpler instead of using a third-party program.

In order to create a webinar you will need to create the details of the webinar, such as the URL for the webinar as well as the date, time and many more.

22 Create a webinar

It is also possible to set up the webinar to take registrations prior to the event and then assign them to the email lists you’ll include them in.

23 Registration and subscription settings

After you’ve saved your settings, and moved into the next phase, you’ll be able to build landing pages and forms which will allow your attendees to register for the webinar prior to it.

From this page, you can build autoresponders to remind users that the webinar is about to occur and keep them up-to the latest regarding any changes.

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With your existing list you could promote your webinar via the form of a newsletter, so people are able to sign up and be updated about the event as well.

When the webinar has taken place, that’s where the fun begins.

24 Launch webinar

GetResponse provides more than enough tools to create a powerful webinar that allows you to take questions from participants and talk to them in real-time.

If you missed the live stream, you’ll be able to capture the entire webinar and send them the URL so that they can watch it at any time they are available.


Marketing automation

If you’re looking to make more revenue and sales through autopilot, you should make use of the marketing automation capabilities offered by GetResponse.

As stated it is possible to create a number of autoresponders to build drip-feed campaigns. This lets you set up the software since it will automatically send emails to the appropriate segment of your database.

To accomplish this, you’ll need to set up a workflow that is targeted towards the goal you want to achieve.

Although you can choose to build the workflow yourself, you also have the option to pick from pre-designed workflow templates with built-in components.

25 Premade workflow templates

The workflow builder’s visual display displays the messages your subscribers will get.

26 Workflow builder

In this template, you are able to include your elements from to the right to personalize and customize the workflow to suit your requirements.

What is it that makes the tools of marketing automation so effective are what is known as the element of conditional logic. component.

The aim of each email marketing campaign is to help people to the conclusion of the email campaign. This is accomplished by making the workflow perform the work for you.

By incorporating conditional logic into your equation you are able the ability to send personalized emails based on the actions of your users.

For instance, if the recipients received the email , but didn’t open it, they’ll receive an email different from those who opened it.

After you’ve completed the workflow, click each item to include the message you want your subscribers to get.

27 Add messages to elements

Select the “Create a new message button to launch your drag-and-drop builder to create your message.

Conversion funnel

The features listed above are parts of what GetResponse has to offer for your company.

However, if you’re looking to join everything the Conversion Funnel lets you build the components together to create an extremely high-converting funnel that will convert visitors into customers.

The first step is to establish the goals of your funnel.

28 Goal of your funnel

If you’re planning to build your own list of leads, GetResponse offers a range of lead magnets that you could utilize to build your funnel. If you already have an own magnet then it’s even better.

29 Selection of lead magnets

Next, the page informs you the next steps you’ll have to do in order in order to finish the process.

30 Conversion Funnel

Conversion Funnel eliminates the hassle of designing campaigns that convert well. It is comprised of sign-up form, landing page and emails.

All you have to complete the blanks and see the conversions begin to appear!

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Website builder

This is right, GetResponse can now help create complete websites.

It’s not going to give you the same degree of flexibility as you do when using dedicated site builders however, for the added benefit? Amazing.

If you’re looking to design an easy site in a short time it is a good alternative. AI Builder removes the hassle from the design process for websites and lets you pick from a range of designs that are suggested depending on the nature of your business.

When your website is up and running and you are able to further personalize it by using the drag and drop builder.

E-commerce store

Are you looking to sell physical or digital products? You can.

GetResponse provides this feature in addition, and it is tied into its Conversion Funnel instrument.

This means that you can create efficient sales funnels, without the need to connect several different marketing tools.

What are the integrations that you can make with payment service providers? GetResponse is integrated with Square, Stripe, PayPal and many more.

31 GetResponse Pricing

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GetResponse pricing

GetResponse provides a free lifetime account that allows as many as 500 contacts and some features.

If you’re only beginning this might be sufficient to meet your requirements.

What are the paid plans? There are a variety of plans to pick from. Each plan comes with an initial trial of 30 days.

The higher the plan you sign up with your more options you’ll be able to unlock. Additionally, the cost for all plans will increase if your number of subscribers exceeds 1,000 contacts.

To reduce the cost of your subscription, subscribe to a 12or 18-month contract to receive 18% or 30 percent on the price of your subscription.

Here is an overview of various plans that are available.


The cheapest plan offered by GetResponse costs $16 monthly ($12.30 per month, paid over 12 months, and $10.50/month payable over one year). Here is a list of features that are included:

  • Everything that falls under email marketing landing pages, forms/surveys E-commerce tools, templates web-based builder, and monitoring and reporting.
  • Limited automation capabilities (drip campaigns Follow-ups for open and click campaigns and contact tagging for only).
  • Create infinite lead funnels and only one (1) sales funnel.
  • More than 150 integrations with third-party platforms.
  • Basic customer support (24/7 Live chat as well as email assistance).


The perfect mail marketing tool for affiliate marketing who want to expand their business. Starting at $49 per month ($40.18 per month, paid over 12 months, and $34.30/month to be paid over one year).

In addition to the items included in the basic plan here’s a an additional list of items included in this plan:

  • Everything that falls under the automation feature as well as the ability to design five (5) custom workflows.
  • You can host up to 100 webinar participants Unlimited registrants and unlimited live webinars as well as up to three (3) hour recording time.
  • Design unlimited lead funnels, plus five (5) sales funnels and webinar funnels.
  • Add as many as 3 (3) Users (including yourself) on a single account.


Established companies looking to take advantage of the GetResponse’s webinar and email marketing capabilities should consider this offer. Starting at $99 per month ($81.18 per month, paid over 12 months, and $69.30/month to be paid over the 18-month period).

  • Everything is under the automation feature as well as the ability to create infinite custom workflows.
  • You can host up to 300 webinar participants with unlimited registrations and unlimited live webinars along with up to six (6) hour recording time.
  • Create endless sales funnels, lead funnels as well as webinar funnels.
  • Add at least 5 (5) accounts with up to five (5) users (including yourself) within one account.
  • Access to push notifications on the web as well as webinars that are available on-demand.


This plan is for companies who wish to manage their operations with the best capabilities of GetResponse. To find out the price it is necessary to enroll for a personalized estimate.

Below is a list of what’s included this plan in addition to the benefits offered by the Professional plan.

  • Hosting up to 300 webinar participants with unlimited registrations as well as unlimited live webinars as well as up to six (6) minutes of storage for recordings.
  • You can join up to 10 (10) members (including yourself) on the same account.
  • Receive a consultation on deliverability and campaign for the best outcomes.
  • Access to transactions-related email messages (paid add-ons)
  • Customer support is dedicated (24/7 live chat, phone, email and Slack support).

GetResponse pros and pros and

Below is a short list of GetResponse’s pros & cons.


  • There are a lot of templates to select from, making the creation of almost everythingon this platform possible
  • It’s all up to your imagination. You can visualize your marketing automation funnels and workflows visually
  • Conversion funnel features make creating funnels that are extremely efficient in converting
  • Webinar is a feature that stands on its own , rendering the requirement for a third-party tool to facilitate webinars ineffective
  • Website builder and AI design tool allow you to create websites quickly


  • Forms are limiting and doesn’t come as naturally as in comparison to the process of creating landing pages and emails
  • Support for customers with dedicated customer service is available only to Max plan members.


Frequently asked questions

Is GetResponse a CRM?

It’s not a CRM tool. However, it lets you identify your contacts and then assess them to help you determine leads that are primed to convert.

How much does GetResponse cost?

GetResponse is priced at least $15 per month for 1k contacts maximum. The cost goes up when contacts grow or you select a plan with more.

Which is more effective: Aweber, or GetResponse?

Aweber as well as GetResponse are identical to the tools for marketing via email. However, its price , webinar capabilities as well as sales funnel builders and the robust features of marketing automation makes GetResponse the better option.

GetResponse review: Verdict

Let’s conclude our GetResponse review.

Based on the features listed above it’s simple to understand the reason GetResponse is still among the best in the field of email marketing.

It’s impossible to match the email marketing and automation services it provides customers.

The other thing that makes it easier using GetResponse is the variety of templates for emails, forms and webpages for landing, workflows and funnels.

Even if you don’t have any idea of how marketing software such as this operates in general, these templates will help fill in the blanks to let you convey your message with greater effectiveness.

You can also sell physical or digital products. It is also possible to create websites that are simple to construct.

GetResponse is a complete marketing tool unlike anything else we’ve tried. All the tools you’ll require within one application to start a successful business, without having to use eight different tools.

But, GetResponse isn’t for everyone. If you’re only searching for an electronic marketing program, it’s complete capabilities may be excessive.

However, GetResponse is one of the top options to engage your target audience and turning them into buyers. It is recommended to enroll for a 30-day trial to experience the service.

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