Genie Script Reviews 2021: Is Genie Script Legit Or Scam?

Genie Script Reviews 2021

Genie Script Reviews 2021: Many things can make you unhappy, including your mental, emotional, or financial issues. Finding a way to get between these concerns isn’t easy. Your mental, economic, and emotional well-being could prompt you to discover ways to reduce stress or make significant adjustments to your financial situation. One of the methods to get through it is to meditate, which can help you re-energize your perspective on everything that makes you feel happy.

Yet, it is discovered that specific meditation programs don’t give you results, or at times even inconsistent results. If you are, you must look into this program. This review will provide the reader with an honest view of everything you should be aware of, as well as the best reasons to invest your time in this particular meditation method and program. In addition, this review can help you answer the concerns you have about the program.

What is The Genie Script?

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Meditation can help you increase your awareness and open your eyes to the possibilities that the world holds for you. Additionally, meditation enables you to evaluate your life and reflect on the places you’re at versus what you would like to be. It also helps you set your mind on a goal, thus increasing your chance of reaching it. Genie script is a rather unoriginal name for a program specifically designed to facilitate meditation. It’s a brand new 30-day program created for you by Wesley Virgin. Wesley developed it in a way that helps you achieve more excellent mental, emotional and financial health.

The 30-day program comes comprised of ebooks, videos and audio. This Genie script originated from Wesley’s invention, which was designed to function magically, much as the Genie. Utilizing the program online will help you develop an optimistic outlook and, consequently, you will get what you want. This is why Wesley introduced the program under the name GenieScript. He tried to convey the picture that you’ll be blessed with manifestations similar to the Genie who can bring a wish reality after the program’s use.

Wesley Virgin, a self-made millionaire who recognizes his mind, hacks and hacks to his success. He also says that his hacks that are logical allow him to make his ideas for entrepreneurship reality. Wesley Virgin is also the founder of Virgin Media, based in Houston, Texas. According to one article, the company could earn 30 million dollars through mind hacks in just one year with its online marketing. He is constantly engaged in helping aspiring and new entrepreneurs to overcome their minds and mindsets, which could be limiting in time. 

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Benefits of Success Meditation

  • Improved Learning and Memory Enhanced Learning And Memory Meditation revive the brain regions that are associated with concentration, memory and learning. Apart from that, it also increases mental performance and agility.
  • Stops Negative Thought Loops –Once we can get caught up in thoughts about something negative every so often. We often dwell on adverse events, like previous failures, troubles and even wish we didn’t have regrets. They can sap faith and cloud the thinking. Meditation can be a very effective tool that can break negative thinking loops. By meditating with a simple, affirmative mantra, you’ll stay away from thinking negative thoughts.
  • Get Your Creative SideDuring our meditation time; we can open our minds to new concepts. Meditation activates the capacity of your mind to perform different thinking processes and is brainstorming. Additionally, it helps you to concentrate more on your task and think of original solutions.
  • Improves Self-AwarenessMeditation helps you understand how to accept the person you are and the capabilities you have. This is an exercise in self-inquiry that lets you have an understanding of your own. Suppose you are meditating on your self-efficacy as well as identifying your limits too. This means that you may develop more imaginative problem-solving abilities.
  • Enhances Attention SpanIn a self-care review, it was mentioned that research has shown that there is an increase in attention value to meditation. Even short meditation sessions can help train your brain to remain focused by fostering the ability to be resilient and disciplined. In addition, meditation is an effective tool for developing your brain’s ability to concentrate on the tasks in front of you.
  • Combat Addiction Fight Addiction If you’re an addict, You should think about your meditation. Meditation can alter the brain’s receptors involved in addiction to drugs and reduce cravings for a substance that is addictive. Additionally, the practice of meditation has proven to be highly effective in preventing relapses from happening because of their therapeutic qualities.

Our New 30-Day Meditation Program by Wesley

For most consumers, the”genie” script has proven to be a highly effective manifestation system that provides people with the possibility to obtain the desired results.

  1. 4 10 minutes of meditation every week The program is a four-week series. Wesley’s program is comprised of 10-minute sessions that teach people ways to learn their meditation methods. Each week in the program, There are four 10 minutes sessions.
  2. Video Training on the Five Meditative StatesIf you are looking to experience an enjoyable meditation, it is essential first to comprehend the procedure. There are five brainwave states: Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. In the video-based training sessions, Wesley goes into each state’s advantages and the best time to place yourself in each state to get the most beneficial outcomes.
  3. Access to Wesley’s private Facebook Community -In this meditation program, Wesley included a private Facebook community. This community is private and allows users to publish, share pictures or videos and meet people who have similar goals and dreams to yours. With the help of the Facebook community, you will be inspired by others sharing their achievements and, as a result, keep your focus for the entire duration.
  4. The EBooks The EBooksReading is also a relaxing exercise. When reading novels, you will be completely immersed in the story until you cannot think about everything else surrounding you as time goes by. It’s a clear indication of a complete focus on one thing. When we read a fantastic book or even a piece of content that is fresh, we are focused on our own at the moment. This meditative course’s information and course content are similar. Additionally, it will help you stay focused and help you express your thought, method, or perspective, focusing on achieving a more positive mental, emotional, and financial state.

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Genie Script New 30-Day Program Bonuses

There are other bonuses included in the package. An article review article suggested looking up websites to find discounts on the package and bonus bundles.

  • Bonus #1 Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat TrackThe first bonus comes from a simple beat track with binaural that is intended to get your brains involved in a powerful, unique state of manifesting just by listening to it.
  • Bonus # 2: Kundalini Touch Exercise –Kundalini Touch Exercise is an exercise that involves mantra, sound and energy healing to awaken the belief that profusion is a source of energy to bring forth physical desires faster.
  • Bonus #3 The Supernatural Third Eye activation ExercisesYour third eye may be the most potent source of information. It is generally known as the Chakra. But, many people have it shut and, as a result, is in a state of dormancy. If you’re interested in opening your eyes in a guaranteed method, you should meditate. Developing your third eye can help connect you with your soul and improve your abilities to manifest and be psychic. Suppose you can enhance your third eye. In that case, it will help you effortlessly manage the stress of your day while also achieving higher levels of consciousness, more self-awareness and greater emotional mastery. The exercises for activating your third eye will open and the third eye’s most total capacity. As a result, you will access your inner-infinite-wisdom
  • Bonus #4 Occult Walking Guided Walking AudiosThe fourth bonus is the ability of your brain to focus on meditation audios in a way that is not conscious. Additionally, it lets you fulfil your dreams when you walk in your regular daytime routine. Walking meditation enables you to be aware of your surroundings as you walk and maintain a steady and alert presence, and utilize the motion of walking to increase your awareness. Another benefit of walking allows you to get off from the present moment and will enable you to reconnect with the world around us. When you walk, examine your body by noting how your body is feeling and how your posture. Also, it would help if you kept a comfortable, steady pace while walking naturally and breathing regularly.

Benefits of the Genie The Script Program

What is a genie script | Genie script reviews 2021| wesley virgin

Many features and skills You can learn from the Genie Script Wesley Virgin. The software allows you to achieve mental clarity using a step-by-step plan. This is a crucial capability to develop for you and your family members to conquer any obstacle. This program will help you eliminate the primary factors contributing to harmful mindsets that demoralize you and hinder you from living the life you desire.

Another advantage of this programme is the fact that it assists you to find lucrative and lucrative opportunities every time you go. This is because you begin feeding your mind with the tools to succeed. In the course, you will discover Wesley’s initial strategies for mental fitness that he used to earn his first $1 million income. In addition, the program’s meditation feature allows you to make rational decisions and effectively use meditation to improve your outlook on life and be content. With the help of the magical third eye activation process, you and your spirit will be healthy. In addition, it permits you to increase your ability to manifest and psychic abilities and better understand yourself. The bonus track for binaural beats lets you engage your brain in its robust state. 

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Con’s of The Genie A Scripting Program

Because of the product’s popularity, many frauds have tried and been successful in obtaining sales from Wesley’s program. There have been many who’ve suffered losses because they joined fraudulent websites. Many users post their stories in reviews and say that users should be cautious and watchful when enrolling in the program. Additionally, they must ensure they read and do their research before joining other similar websites. An analysis revealed that people could be confused when trying the program the first time, and you’ll need patience and many tests. Meditation is not a physical format. It’s only available delivered in digital formats.

purchasing The Genie script

Wesley’s latest 30-day meditation program is a digital program. Therefore, if you want to purchase the program, ensure that you have a reliable internet connection. It is available for purchase through the official site. Be sure to check the official site if you would like to take advantage of the limited discounts. The creator lets you pay for the program via credit card options such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

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Money-Back Guarantee

You can buy this digital product, and it will not be a positive influence. The creator offers users a 60-day money-back guarantee. To initiate the money-return process, please contact the customer care team by emailing them at the address The email should you fill in the appropriate information, like the name of your address and your contact information. It is possible to contact the customer service department if you have any queries about the product. If you need concerns, you can get the customer service team via phone at 1-855-902-7116. Would you please provide information like your name, address, and contact details?

Is the Genie Script It’s legal

Today, the web is filled with fake experts who claim to help people deal with negative issues to achieve their objectives. The first step is to read authentic Genie Reviews to confirm that the software is highly beneficial to various users. It has assisted many users who want to live more positively, as evident from an honest review written by a user. Be wary of scams that try to entice users by falsely claiming to be legitimate Genie scripts. A review suggests conducting studies and then going to the official site to download the software.

Additionally, if you’ve purchased the program from an official website, you can get a 60-day, 100% money-back assurance. This means that you can be refunded if the product was not a complete fit for you. Apart from that, Genie Script has an overall rating of 4.55-Stars.

Who Can Benefit from the Genie The Scripting Program?

If you’re someone who is always anxious or stressed, as well as tense, You should think about trying meditation. If you are also facing emotional, financial, or mental problems, meditation may be the solution—most customers rated this product as a top-quality program. Meditation can help you relax and clear your mind while you achieve your goals. While you are meditating, make sure you do something. 

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What is the appropriate time to use The Genie The Online Meditation Program?

Experts advise that you do meditation twice every day. If you get up, you’re in the Alpha state. Alpha state is when your mind is in a state of calm and you are not thinking about your past or the future. If you are asleep, you’re in an Alpha state. When you are in your Alpha state, you’re more imaginative and intriguing. So, all you have to do is sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Then, begin the meditation program.

What is the time Does It Takes To Get Results?

It’s not surprising that you’ll immediately learn what you need from listening to the audios for meditation. But a Genie Script review indicated that you need to go through the recordings for more than a month before you see results. Your chances of success when listening to these audio recordings or reading the eBooks is also contingent on your ability to do something about it.

The Genie Script Review - Is It Legit? Don't Buy Until You Read This

The Genie Script Course

A 30-day online meditation course consists of nine parts:

  1. Introduction How to Utilize Genie Script
  2. It is the Inception Point of Success
  3. The Rules of the Mind
  4. Mind Conditioning to Increase Abundance
  5. Change Your Mind’s Subconscious Today
  6. You Should Feel Like There’s Already It
  7. The Sensory Emotional Acceleration
  8. Neuro Waves
  9. The Meditation Script

Additionally, it involves a class in which you can contact Wesley, who will answer your questions and help you understand the process and process more clearly.

Conclusion On Genie Script Reviews 2021

When we are fighting various problems in our lives, we must clear our minds to remain focused and keep our heads elevated. It can be challenging to accomplish this. Meditation can help you traverse difficult moments and stay calm and in control. Through this meditation program, it is possible to reset your mind and master the unique frequency of meditation to enhance your life.

It is not necessary to have any knowledge or experience with an initial meditation experience before using the meditative software. Genie script by Wesley is his newest successful meditation program that provides you with the tools to connect to a more positive financial, emotional and mental state. You will undoubtedly be impressed by the results when you work using the program. If you have questions, go to the official site by visiting

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