BionicWP Hosting Review 2021: Scam Or Legit WordPress Hosting

Numerous hosting solutions are available on the market. For you are a WordPress shop owner, you are able to choose any of them. However, think about whether you really need to select any hosting option that is offered by a tom dick or Harry? Or , do you prefer to choose a premium solution that is concerned about your site’s performance? If the answer is latter then this BionicWP Review is ideal for you.

However, before we proceed to the review it is crucial to comprehend the reasons behind reviewing this particular review. A lot of people are scammed by hosting companies that claim to offer hosting as managed hosting. What they actually offer is a standard hosting service, with nothing extra included in the package. This is the way BionicWP is making changes to.

It provides a myriad of incredible website management and maintenance options which aren’t included in any list of offerings provided by traditional hosting firms.

The Bottom Line: BionicWP is said to be a completely managed WordPress platform designed for people who have various professions, including freelancers, companies as well as agencies and super-heroes. All tools are integrated into this platform: backups, updates, security and speed optimization. It is a combination of FCGI, Nginx and 7.4 + MariaDB and LXD The Hyper Optimized Stack (connected with the wood provided by Groot) and more than 90 GTMetrix scores and – the 90+ PageSpeed insights from Google scores can be easily accomplished through BionicWP users. Create your first website up and running using BionicWP now.

What is BionicWP and How Can It Grow Your Business? BionicWP Review 2021

BionicWP hosting service is top WordPress managed hosting provider which provides application-specific support within its hosting service. The hosting service utilizes Google Cloud Infrastructure for its hosting backend (mainly the Google C2 High Compute Instance) with a hyper-optimized stack that provides rocket boosters to your site. It includes unlimited editing of your website and guaranteed page performance. the core website, theme and plugin updates, and lots more!

The most appealing feature of Bionic? It’s a WordPress-friendly web hosting solution that puts you the sole authority for everything you need to do. If you’re looking to modify the content for the WordPress site, require the best server performance or perhaps you’d like to expand your website’s capacity to handle more users? It’s all possible in a matter of just a few minutes!

BionicWP is awesome in…

  1. Page performance guaranteed with the 90+ Google Pagespeed Insights score
  2. Hack-proofing using 30-Days of backups for your site
  3. Monitoring of performance and reports for the week.
  4. High-performance CDN, SSL, and Scalability
  5. Your own personal staging area that comes with SSH access
  6. White label hosting is a solution for hosting.
  7. WordPress Core/Plugin/Theme Update management.
  8. And then… UNLIMITED WordPress site edits

There is a question that you must ask yourself about all the features provided by BionicWP what it take to run your site? It’s not that expensive! The great thing about BionicWP is the fact that each of of these features are offered as an add-on an additional $25 with Hosting package. Be sure to select the “Unlimited Edits” check box.

Start using BionicWP. $27.5 NOW!

Overview of BionicWP WordPress Managed Platform : BionicWP Review 2021

The platform is very easy to use. You can sign up for trial to test the platform yourself (for absolutely nothing).

Everything is on the dashboard. When you start a site it will show up in the Live Sites section. It will also show the theme that is installed on it, as well as the number of plugins you’ve installed as well as a whole lot more.

Let’s build a live site will we?

Launch Your Site on the Fastest WordPress Hosting Solution

When you click a “New Site” tab, you’ll be directed to the page for installation. You are able to move a website or create your own site. As in our situation, we’re the first to launch our website.

The site is now live. When you go to the dashboard, we’ll view the live site.

The site is now up. We have a fresh WordPress installation to use. Feel free to do whatever you want with the new website. It’s running an ultra-performance stack and is already extremely fast (we will test it soon).

Now I’ve got the website up and running. The theme is already that is available. The theme as well as the plugins that I have installed are available in the bionicwp dashboard.

I could update all of them simultaneously using the BionicWP “Update All” option or update them one at a time.

If you go to the WordPress administration panel, you will view bionicWP’s BionicWP module on the Dashboard.

This simply shows the status of plugins, themes, and WordPress core that are available on your site within WordPress and within BionicWP’s dashboard. BionicWP dashboard. Additionally, you get an application-level cache which can boost site performance further.

Overview of Site Details in BionicWP Managed Hosting

Let’s take a look at what BionicWP gives us in order to run our WordPress website.

The site dashboard provides me with a quick overview of the various options available , right all the way to SSH Access Panel.

I have SSH access. I can also log in to the database via the dashboard by a single click. Additionally, I can boost the performance of my website with a pressing of a button and pressing “Make these numbers bionic’. Presently I don’t have a page speed rank since my site is still newly created.

Also, WPX Hosting is an identical hosting platform as WordPress hosting.

Hyper-Performance Activated

With BionicWP’s Managed WordPress hosting I am able to quickly activate hyper-performance for my site. Therefore, we’ll conduct a quick test and check out the speed boost we can get for our site.

BionicWP provides its own CDN as well as a hyperspeed pack through Nitropack. Both options improve performance. The CDN will deliver your website’s content to servers across the world. Nitropack makes an impression of the site on its server and pull information directly from it.

Testing Site Speed on BionicWP WordPress Managed Hosting

I haven’t enabled Nitropack and CDN yet on my WordPress website, however you can observe that the Google Page Speed test shows the full score.

You can try the BionicWP hosting platform on your own. They have the “Try Before You Buy’ option and I’d recommend you try it out when you’re serious about your business’s growth.

Features of BionicWP in Detail

After you have learned something about what BionicWP offers It is now time to know how it could aid you in taking extra administrative burden off your hands.

Truly Managed WordPress Hosting

What is the first thing that comes to thoughts when we think of managing a WordPress hosting service? A hosting solution that offers administration and support for servers? A solution that offers server – and application-level support and management, or one that lets you customize your application? BionicWP can provide all three!

In short, you can think of the Bionic WordPress managed hosting as a caretaker service that takes care of everything from server management administration of the site, to WordPress editing of posts and pages.

Unlimited editing

Employing an VA to handle your daily editing of your website can be costly at times. Every business owner hopes of saving that extra cash to spend on something else to enjoy. Through BionicWP software, that wish could become a reality.

Their customers are able to receive as many edits to their websites as they need. From changing the images on the site, to changing content, updating plugins and more. The BionicWP support team is able to handle every change you would like to incorporate on the WordPress website.

White-label fully white

Many WordPress agencies and experts provide their own hosting service for their customers. Today, they can access BionicWP’s hosting service and offer the service as their own solution to their customers using BionicWP’s white hosting feature that is labeled. Customers will receive the full assistance provided by BionicWP hosting, however the company will present that it is its hosting service and the customer will not be able see BionicWP’s brand.

Ideal for Agencies/Businesses/Site-owners

BionicWP’s hosting service offers numerous unique features to manage websites that directly impact the business’s bottom line. If you purchase the hosting package together with the fully managed add-on (For just $25) Business owners can assign the mundane task to BionicWP support and focus on their core business: business!

The same goes for agency owners. They aren’t required to deal with the management of their website and support issues. These tasks will be assigned over to BionicWP help desk. In the past, companies spent hours a day managing issues with their sites. BionicWP’s WordPress managed hosting service doesn’t only help them save time and money, it helps them become more efficient in accelerating business expansion.


Let’s find out the ways BionicWP WordPress managed hosting outperforms other hosting services by virtue of its superior performance.

90+ Google PageSpeed Insights scores

There is no other hosting service that offers an assurance of performance for websites, however BionicWP isn’t like other hosting services. It has an of 90+ Google Page Speed test on all sites hosted through its hosting platform.

Increase Conversion Rates by 20%

It is clear that there’s a link between the quality of traffic and the conversion rate. When you increase number of visitors to your website the conversion rate will automatically increase. What’s the best thing about this? It increases traffic when a website is performing faster. With BionicWP’s performance guarantee that you can be sure to increase the conversion rate on your online store.

Google C2 Premium Compute Instances that have premium tier bandwidth

Google C2 high Compute instance servers offer one of the highest performance ratios of cloud instances on the market to its customers. With up to 128GB Ram and 32 core CPU, they are one of the most efficient and reliable cloud servers in the market.

Nginx, FCGI and PHP 7.4 + MariaDB/MySQL using LXD Containers

The secret to BionicWP isn’t just the cloud server it runs but also the whole hosting stack. Support for applications and servers is available, BionicWP also offers Linux containers that are super-fast for server provisioning.

Free High-Performance CDN

BionicWP provides the company’s private CDN solution to customers. The CDN includes servers on all six continents, and makes it easy for users to enhance their website’s distribution by pressing one button.


Security is one of the strengths in BionicWP’s WordPress managed hosting. It provides total protection against malware, security against hacks regular site-wide backups, IP whitelisting, bot-blocking as well as a host of other features.

One-click Malware Scanning

Are you interested in knowing whether your site or application is infected with malware? There is no need to install a third-party plug-in such as Sucuri since BionicWP’s WordPress hosting service offers malware scans within its dashboard. Click ‘Start Scan’ and your website will be tested for malware.

WAF Firewall

The Website Application Firewall (WAF) monitors web traffic and makes sure that your clients are protected from threats. BionicWP assures that all websites are protected by WAF to prevent attacks like the cross-site scripting technique, DDoS, and SQL Injection..

Hack Promise

Every website is susceptible to hacking in the event that it isn’t secure , or if hackers employ social engineering techniques to obtain credentials for the site. In both instances the website has been compromised. What next? That’s why BionicWP can help. It offers hack-proofing. This means that users will receive their compromised website back and in a ready-to-use state.

Site Management

A managed hosting service isn’t fully-fledged if it’s not able to provide its customers core themes, themes, and plugin updates, site edits and routine maintenance. This is the area where BionicWP shines.

Core, Theme, & Plugins Updates

BionicWP lets users update their entire website including WordPress themes, core and plugins using their BionicWP dashboard. Simply click the button ‘Update all’ and all assets will be updated. If an asset has not been updated or gives an error, it’s returned to its original condition.

Frequent Speed Monitoring

BionicWP Managed hosting ensures that websites of all its clients function flawlessly. They keep track of site performance on regularly and work to solve any issues before customers are aware of their issues.

Unlimited Site Edits

One feature unique to BionicWP provides through it managed hosting is its unlimited edit option. Starting at just $15, users of the site are able to enjoy 30 minutes of unlimited edits on their website every month! Talk about saving money.

Staging Environment

The process of testing changes on an active website could cause a lot of damage to your store’s reputation and overall health. It can affect everything from the user’s behavior to sales to marketing. This is where a staging environment is essential. Through this BionicWP stage area you’ll be able to replicate your live site and then make modifications to it. When you are happy with the modifications you’ve created, and have tried them out on beta and alpha trials and then release the final version of the live website.

White Label Support

The greatest benefit of BionicWP hosting service is that you can utilize to sell it to your company. If you’re a developer agency that also sells hosting services to clients, then you could make use of BionicWP’s white label service. It will provide full service for both applications and servers. Let’s say that your customers require a solution for hosting and you’re able to offer BionicWP. Sell the hosting service to your customer, and they will not be aware that it’s provided by BionicWP. Instead, you can offer it under your own brand name.

Testing BionicWP Performance & Security

I will utilize the top tools on marketplace to evaluate the website performance on this newly developed managed-hosting platform.

Speed Testing on Pingdom

Pingdom is considered to be the most well-known tool for testing performance and speed for hosting. Let’s take a look at how a website hosted on the BionicWP hosting service performs it.

Server: Iowa

This is even without the ability to enable Nitropack or CDN in BionicWP.

We will now test it once we enable both of the features.

It is evident that, load time has gone down and the performance score increased by six points! As a brand new entry into managing the WordPress hosting industry it looks great.

Speed Testing on GTMetrix

GTMetrix is renowned for its comprehensive analysis of sites and site performance suggestions. Let’s try the BionicWP site using this speed-testing tool.

Above performance indicates the performance from the website, without turning off CDN or Nitropack on the site.

Then let’s try it after you have enabled Nitropack as well as CDN via the web.

As you can see, LCP has further decreased. Also, Nitropack and CDN have done their job!

Security Testing on Quttera

The site is secured and is free of malware that has been detected through The Quttera test tool. Its report indicates that the website is hosted on BionicWP is clean and safe.

Pricing of BionicWP Hosting Solution

BionicWP WordPress hosting service comes with an $27.5 beginning cost for one website. When you add your number of sites that are hosted by the managed hosting service it will cost you less.

For five websites, it costs just $112.5 which is $22.5 per site. The price decreases further when you add more websites hosted through the service.

As a contrast other hosts have the tier system, which does not always benefit the users. With this specific pricing structure for sites that allows for every user to have any number of websites will benefit as they will only be charged for sites hosted by the platform.

Start using BionicWP. $27.5 NOW!

Earn Commission with BionicWP Affiliate Program

If you’re an affiliate marketer who would like to earn a percentage of commissions through BionicWP and BionicWP affiliate program, it’s definitely feasible. Just sign up for an account with the BionicWP affiliate programme and earn $75+ 12.5 percent recurring commissions for every referral. The affiliate program they offer has most advanced features to make affiliates feel empowered and confident.

BioncWP Reviews: What Managed Hosting Customers Say?

Customers are satisfied as you can see in the picture below.

Original Source: Screengrab from YouTube video

Every webmaster wants to have the most effective hosting service available. At the very least, they need the highest performance, speedy support, and a complete capacity and security for their site. This is exactly the service offered by BionicWP WordPress-managed hosting gives the users. Its statistics speak for themselves.

A majority of administrators of websites who decide to use BionicWP are aware that they will be guaranteed speed since they first test the software. If the website scores 90+ points of performance on their preferred test tool the website is deemed to be an actual user. This is the way BionicWP is slowly growing its client base.

It’s a basic method of keeping customers first’.

There is evidence of websites that have super-fast speed and outstanding customer service.

Go to the BionicWP speed results page to get an in-depth analysis

BionicWP vs Other Managed Hosting Solutions

Let’s take a look at how BionicWP compares to other hosted hosting services managed by a third party.

BionicWP vs Kinsta

Does it really make the most effective Kinsta alternative? You bet!

Features Bionic WP Kinsta Pricing27.530Free MigrationsYesNoTry Before You BuyYesNoGoogle Page Speed Score GuaranteeYesNoUnlimited Performance OptimizationsYesNoUnlimited Site EditsYesNoManaged WordPress Core UpdatesYesNoCDNYesYesSSLYesYes24/7 Ticket SupportYesYes

Here’s a comparison of BionicWP and Kinsta and you’ll see that BionicWP managed hosting is the best choice. There are a lot of features that Kinsta isn’t able to provide, like editing your site, a trial before you purchase speed and performance guarantees with no traffic barring restrictions and more.

BionicWP vs WPEngine

Is it the most effective alternative to WPEngine? Absolutely this is. Here’s how.

Features Bionic WP WPEngine Pricing27.530Free MigrationsYesYesTry Before You BuyYesNoGoogle Page Speed Score GuaranteeYesNoUnlimited Performance OptimizationsYesNoUnlimited Site EditsYesNoManaged WordPress Core UpdatesYesNoCDNYesYesSSLYesYes24/7 Ticket SupportYesYes

The most appealing feature of BionicWP is the variety of choices it provides to its clients.. Furthermore, it allows unlimited editing of websites – something that unlike any other hosting provider currently offering. The company also gives you the chance to try before buying speed promise. This is another benefit that is often offered as a gesture by other hosts , but is it is not part of their pricing plans. These two features together give BionicWP an advantage in comparison to WPEngine or other managed WordPress hosting providers that provide similar features.

BionicWP Customer Reviews & Testimonials :


Review: BionicWP takes Managed WordPress Hosting to the Next Level (BionicWP Review)

BionicWP is changing the concept of managed hosting in a positive way. While other hosting services provided server-level updates and referred to the service managed hosting BionicWPhas added editing, support, and customizations at the application level within its plans. At the time of writing this review, there’s no other web hosting service that can compete with its features in comparison.

The most appealing aspect? BionicWP has all these features for a cheaper price than other websites host are charging.

Start with BionicWP $27.5 NOW!

I’ve personally tested a number of managed hosting options from various companies. But when it came to managing your hosting they all had one issue or another. They had excellent support and flexibility, however they were not able to edit the application level. Some managed hosts provided excellent support at the application level, but they cost me 20 websites. BionicWP WordPress hosting has cut that down to a minimum, with a slender price. Anyone who needs the services of a WordPress hosting provider can easily select a managed hosting option which will allow them to concentrate on the main goal making money!

If you’re looking for an online hosting service that you can’t see the BionicWP is the perfect solution to test!

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