Best Destinations For Families In 2022 – Ultimate Guide


Holidays with your family can be memorable and you can spend time with your loved ones (a rare occurrence if you have teenagers!) and create lasting memories of your trips together. If you haven’t scheduled the future family vacation as well as your 2022 holiday villa vacation take a look at our guide below for our top vacation destinations and begin making plans for your once-in-a-lifetime trip.

1. Riviera Maya, Mexico

zocalo in mexico city

An ideal playground for the young and the old, Mexico has a lot to offer everyone. It is rich in heritage and culture, bustling family-friendly attractions, and calming spots to unwind for the hours. If you are looking for the perfect family-friendly vacation We suggest a trip to one of Mexico’s most well-known coastlines, it’s the Riviera Maya. You can keep the kids entertained by taking them to one of the numerous water-based parks that are located in the region and fun museums, or the impressive Mayan ruins. Take a break by one of the many distinctive cenotes (deep pools) or pick your favourite from the many stunning white sandy beaches. To get more inspiration, read the Riviera Maya travel guide.

2. Santorini, Greece

While Santorini is most well-known for its Instagram-worthy romantic honeymoon spots and romantic destinations but you should not rule out visiting the island of Greece along with loved ones. Santorini is an excellent option for children who want active holidays. There are a lot of wonderful swimming spots on the island. Many organizations offer boat trips around the caldera as well. The volcanic island is home to an intriguing story of its origins that history buffs are sure to love. Also, the stunning views won’t harm either…

3. Bali, Indonesia

Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia.

With amazing snorkelling places and beautiful beaches, It’s not a surprise that Bali is among the most sought-after destinations to explore throughout South East Asia. Explore the waters and discover the reefs with your loved ones or take an excursion boat and see if you can spot dolphins. On land, you can visit the well-known Monkey Forest in Ubud, where the playful creatures are close and personal which will make your family vacation in 2022 unforgettable. In addition to these tourist activities, Bali also has a culture that is worthy of being recognized. Take your children to any of the temples and museums scattered across the island.

4. Sussex, England

Travelling to another country with your kid can indeed be a bit stressful. It’s a good thing that staycation is continuing to be the hottest word in travel currently, which means that a short UK vacation is never more convenient. We selected Sussex due to its proximity in proximity to London and the diverse nature that the town has to offer. It is a bustling place with thriving coastal towns with all the typical British seaside snark and rural resorts that are perfect to enjoy a peaceful getaway, Sussex is quickly rising in popularity for staycations. Visit our Top Family-friendly activities for Families in Sussex blog for more inspiration.

5. South Africa

Waterfall in Crocodile river South Africa

One of the latest destinations added to Oliver’s Travels, South Africa offers unforgettable experiences that your children will remember for the rest of their lives. If you’re an animal lover it is an absolute must for anyone visiting South Africa, which is one of the only locations in the world where you can still view the wildlife of giraffes, elephants and lions in their natural habitat. The outdoors is the main focus and the great in South Africa – from mountains to the grasslands It’s sure to be an exciting and full-on family vacation. Take a trip to Cape Town’s Western Cape beaches near Cape Town or wander through the beautiful Winelands. South Africa has something for all.

6. Puglia, Italy

Go to the ‘heel region of Italy for a lively summer vacation that will be a huge hit with children of all ages. Kids will be enthralled by the fairytale-like Trulli house (pictured above) that is typical in this part of Italy. Puglia is also famous for its scuba diving sites – perfect for teens who want to explore. They may even receive a diving certification if they would like to do so. Are you planning to travel during July and August? In the summer, Puglia comes alive with celebrations that celebrate different aspects of rich Italian culture. Want more? Take a look at our guide to our top 10 best beaches within Puglia.

7. Ireland

Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

Are you looking to take a trip that is completely driven by nature? If so, Ireland is the ideal place where you can take your whole family! From hiking and rafting to touring castles from the past or cliffs along the shoreline The possibilities are endless and your children are sure to be enthralled by the change in scenery and taking on as an adventurer! Are you bored of rural life? The buzzing capital of Ireland, Dublin, makes an enjoyable day excursion! If you’re interested in diving deeper into Ireland as a destination to travel to, check out the travel guide that will give you insider information.

8. the Maldives

There’s no doubt that the Maldives are already on your list of destinations (like many of us! ) However, have you realized that this country is also a fantastic destination to spend your family vacation in 2022? The most popular attraction is the water sports and activities that involve beaches. From snorkelling, swimming, fishing, dolphin watching and many more. There’s also the possibility to take a whale-submarine tour or watch a movie in the beachside cinema. The most exciting thing about it? All of these are things are sure to please you at the same time as the children!

9. Brittany, France

Le Mont Saint Michel

Whatever region of France you’re visiting You’ll be sure to have a fantastic family vacation that checks each of the boxes. In 2022, we strongly suggest visiting the Northwest area of Brittany. It is more than just a beach getaway many regions in the region are like magical places that are not yet explored. Imagine rugged cliffs, old castles and medieval-style citadels – tiny history buffs will be amazed at the richness of Brittany. Of course, you shouldn’t go without checking out the top Ten Brittany Beaches.

10. Kalkan, Turkey

Get a breath of fresh air and walk through the Lycian Way together with teenagers and older kids the Lycian Way is a beautiful trail that runs through Kalkan. The region in Turkey can be full of historical wonders accessible on the foot. Nearby is the magnificent ruin of Patara the mysterious Lycian city that has Roman baths as well as a fantastic theatre. Of course, there are the beautiful beaches of the Kalkan region to lay back on after the hike is worn out. When you’re there do you want to take an excursion on a gulet and enjoy a cruise along the stunning coastline? Check out the Kalkan Tour Guide for more suggestions about what to do on your trip with the family to Turkey.

Found your dream destination for 2022? Whatever you decide to do We’re sure that you’ll be having the time you’ve ever had! Holidays in a villa are ideal if you’re planning to stay somewhere with your entire family since you’ll enjoy the privacy and security of your home-away-from-home which you can take a break in (and when you travel with Oliver’s Travels’ accommodations, we offer plenty of room to accommodate even the largest group!) If you need assistance planning your vacation do not be afraid to contact our concierge service for free.

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