A Unified Theory of Time Travel In 2022


Albert Einstein’s expansionist theory of relativity states that time travel in the past should be visible through axial wormholes or possibly hard openings. We do not insist on the actual existence of an influential mind to make such exits, because this thought enters the circle of mental trials.

Stephen Hawking in current cases that time travel to the past is insane, presenting a particularly shocking miracle, such as the unexplained serial conjecture until recently, which has confused him and thus makes the world safe for history specialists. I thought about the unknown hypotheses of the present journey into the past that were generated by Einstein’s general relativity. I think he has a Hawking set, along with several streams like universes connected by an open mix.

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Time travel is a cornerstone of science fiction stories, books, films and television series. Time travel is also evident at the grassroots level. We are mainly talking about the hypothesis we make with two digits, it is necessary to recognize. However, without systems controlling the speed of light with the focal region, they can venture into the distant future (as opposed to this region all the time) without increasing the number of infinite years (hunting 22 twins).

It is also clear that a continuous reaction is allowed, while curious materials from the region of possible wormholes and weak holes are explored, making Einstein’s general relativity conjecture the main variable. The problem is that the theory of relativity predicts wormholes that, assuming they are not in sufficient quantity, will be available for nanoseconds and will be few, in this sense they are essentially the same in an acceptable time frame for drivers. a trip.

Since we don’t know the same thing inside the shadow and where it leads, and have predicted where, current thinking suggests that searching through the shadow’s gaps is a more important way to do everything than to travel back into my past. , the jury is out of your uncle.

However, the Catch 22 package, the most famous of which is Granddad Catch 22, can be a wonderful tool no matter how long your current unit is. Imagine a situation where you travel back in time and kill your grandfather before having a child. Your father (or your mother). Admit it, this is what happens, which means pregnancy can’t happen, but if pregnancy doesn’t happen, you have no choice but to return to the show to kill your best role model.

Things like that are loved by both science fiction creators (and obvious) and physicists! Curious time travel is the moment you capture something constant and interesting. Let’s say you have a duplicate of “Hamlet” and you really want the Shakespearean sign. So I traveled back in time to Shakespeare’s time. Press his input of him, but the expert says that he is away for the day, however, assuming he puts the book down, he will sign it and you can.

Shakespeare II returned, saw the book, received it and was exceptionally happy with it. I wasted the afternoon making a duplicate. He will return the next morning to take his current name “Hamlet” and return to the present with his most important books until recently. Today is the test where does the basic “Hamlet” come from? You didn’t write it. However, Shakespeare did not do the same, as he produced the copy of him, so it was similar to his work at the time.

Time tunnel

Or something like that is the ability to take your ability to go to the other side, of course others can. Usually several people claim at times, maybe now they seem to have disappeared (but in the end they were in the last act). So you might have a fundamental set of unambiguous things, each with its own (essentially more specific) structure and, ultimately, the rationale behind deletion.

This really means that if one does not return and the influence of one event triggers another, the two people can go back and practice that opportunity and things will be evaluated, only activating the third individual at this point. Maybe it will change things and make an impact, so the story generally can’t be fixed, but it’s reliable.

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